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EBL senior Players, Coaches of the Year

Thursday, 21-Apr-2011

We are pleased to announce the EBL senior Players and Coaches of the Year for the 2010/11 season.
At the Division One level, Niko Scott (Reading Rockets) and Niamh Dwyer (Barking Abbey Leopards) have been selected as Players of the Year.
In his first EBL season, American guard Scott averaged an EBL third-best 20.7 points per game (on 46% shooting) while helping his Rockets win the 2011 Men's National Trophy and D1 playoff final.
Women's 2010/11 scoring title champion, Niamh Dwyer from the Barking Abbey Leopards, was selected as the Player of the Year by the Division 1 coaches. Despite the lowly 6-15 record for the Leopards, Dwyer was one of the standout offensive players this season, averaging 22.7 points, 6.5 rebounds and a D1 fourth-best 4 assists per game.
Samit Nuruzade has added to Reading's honours this season by being chosen the Division 1 Men's Coach of the Year by his peers. In his first year at the Rockets, Nuruzade's Trophy and playoff titles have earned him much respect from his fellow coaches in a very tight D1 season.
In Women's Division 1, Team Northumbria's Deirdre Hayes is the 2010/11 Coach of the Year. The former England U18 Women's coach has been with the Northumbria outfit for several seasons and despite the 7-14 record, ensured her team battled for every minute of every game.
The full list of EBL senior Players and Coaches of the year is outlined below. Selections were made by the clubs in each respective league/division and where there were insufficient nominations (or there was a draw) England Basketball made the final decision.
The runners-up from Division 1 (Men and Women), Division 2 (Men and Women) and Division 3 Men are also included below.   
EBL Players and Coaches of the Year 2010/11
League Player of the Year Coach of the Year
D1 Men Niko Scott
(Reading Rockets)
Samit Nuruzade
(Reading Rockets)
D1 Women Niamh Dwyer
(Barking Abbey Leopards)
Deirdre Hayes
(Team Northumbria)
D2 Men Ralph Bucci
(Tees Valley Mohawks)
Chris Mellor
(Bradford Dragons)
D2 Women

Leah Rush
(Durham Bobcats)

Jim Carnegie
(Manchester Mystics)
D2 Women
(Midlands-South West)
Emilie Ravn
(Bristol Storm)
CJ Lee
(Solent Suns)
D2 Women
(Midlands-South East)
Jordan Elliott-King
(Wellingborough Phoenix)
Barry Powell
(Wellingborough Phoenix)
D3 Men
Richard Windle
(Sheffield Sabres)
Stephen Barnes
(Birmingham Mets)
D3 Men
Joseph Womack
(Glamorgan Gladiators)
Frank Lamptey
(London Westside)
D4 Men
Jason Swaine
(Huddersfield Heat)
Delme Herriman
(Warrington Wolves)
D4 Men
Elliott Sentance
(Leicester Warriors II)
Dave Greenaway
(Coalville Cougars)
D4 Men
(South West)
Adam Rickwood
(Taunton Tigers)
Gary Carter
(Taunton Tigers)
D4 Men
(South East)
Karolis Stepanavicius
(Canary Wharf Baltic Staff)
Sam Stiller
(Newham Neptunes)
Players of the Year Runners-Up
D1 Women, Stephanie Gandy; D2 Women (North), Katrin Hulme; D2 Women (Midlands/South West), Gemma Salmon; D2 Women (Midlands/South East), Hannah Ingraham
D1 Men, Ousman Krubally; D2 Men, Andy Harper; D3 Men (North), Franck Kouagniakandoum; D3 Men (South), Ola Ogidan
Coaches of the Year Runners-Up
D1 Women, Vanessa Ellis; D2 Women (North), Abe Mattar; D2 Women (Midlands/South West), Steve Brocklehurst; D2 Women (Midlands/South East), Andy Ballam
D1 Men, Andreas Kapoulas; D2 Men, James Vear; D3 Men (North), Garnet Gayle; D3 Men (South), Sylvain Donneaud
Niko Scott - Adam Jepson
Niamh Dwyer -


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