More momentum and support for basketball in England!

News of our £4.73million, four-year funding from Sport England!  

What did Basketball England have to do to attract new resources into the sport? 

Every four years, sporting governing bodies are asked to submit plans to govern, grow and develop their sport and align their approach with the government priorities for sport and the wellbeing of the nation. These submissions are then considered for support in terms of providing lottery funding, advice and assistance in sustaining the growth of the sport and contributing to the government strategy for sport.

Over the past 12 months, Basketball England has been creating many more ways for people in and outside the sport to engage and share their views about what they believe is important and indeed need to grow and develop the sport, making it more accessible to all. In preparing for this crucial funding bid, it was important to demonstrate that Basketball England had been engaging with the basketball community and had good knowledge of what you – our customers – want. This is in addition to bringing new insight into what affects the sport, including the things that will attract more people to basketball and, conversely, why people are put off getting involved or drop out of the sport. Like any business, charity or voluntary organisation, knowing your audience and what their future needs are is critical if they are going to succeed.

We have been engaging and listening much more than ever before…

We have received a lot of opinion through six main channels in the past 12 months and this has all been considered as part of our approach when requesting funds to drive our sport forward:

  • Our Future of Basketball consultation in Spring 2016, where we asked for initial views on the general needs for the sport.
  • A total review of the player, coaching and officiating pathway for basketball (known as the Basketball Development Model- BDM), so we can be clearer about how people get involved, develop their interest, support the game better and reach their full potential – be it as a talented player or a volunteer who can be supported in a way to have an even greater impact on the players and the sport.
  • A very detailed view on what services are needed for volunteers, clubs, coaches, officials, schools, colleges, universities, players and parents and this will be shared in our very timely Basketball Development Model (BDM) Regional Roadshows this February. Details to get involved and have more of a say on the game are HERE.
  • A review of our league and competition structure and how players, clubs, coaches and officials can be part of a better local, regional and national system of development and competition that addresses things like having the right level of competition and coaching at the various ages and stages, more local and affordable opportunities, a connection to development and opportunities to develop clubs, coaches and officials alongside a very busy calendar that will be changed to accommodate all of these demands.
  • Listening more to young people about what they want from their sport – from how we talk about it from a young person’s perspective to making the news and information more topical and relevant to our younger audience, providing ways for them to have more say in the sport.
  • Basketball England being more open and engaging to feedback and responding to changes needed locally and the way we should be delivering better services to help you run the sport well.

So what happens now and when will you know when things will start to happen?

Based on all the consultation, regional roadshows, conclusion of the BDM research and the continued engagement of the basketball community (including young people), Basketball England will be publishing a four-year strategic plan in May 2017 and a one-year action plan so the things described in this summary will be clear to the basketball community. At that point, we will be explaining how the new developments and improvements will benefit everyone in the sport. Each year, we will review progress alongside our ongoing channels of feedback with you so we can see how basketball is progressing and involve everyone in the sport to be part of the solutions to keep growing and developing our great game.

Later in March we will also be looking forward to two additional funding announcements, one relating to our talent development programmes for the next four years and the other will relate to the support for our training and preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games