Basketball England Announce Fee Structure For 2017/18 Season

Basketball England is pleased to announce our fee structure for the 2017/18 season across all competitions. There are modest increases in the fees for membership and licencing to assist in several areas of the sport.

In order to facilitate this further growth, our membership prices are being changed for the first time in 4 years. This isn’t a decision that we take lightly but I want to assure you that we believe this is a necessary step to continue the work we are doing and maintain a positive impact on the sport.

We have doubled our safeguarding capacity as an essential step to support young people, vulnerable adults and all in the game. The requirements on us as guardians of the sport have never been greater from a regulatory, player, parent and volunteer perspective. This is serious business and a service that must be of the highest standard. Governing bodies and sports will not be credible or receive public funds and support if safeguarding is not a top priority.

You may have seen recently that Basketball England have moved offices and we’re now based in Manchester. We welcome the support of Manchester City Council as we maintain our efforts to create a base for basketball at the National Performance Centre in Belle Vue. Our move was also a cost cutting measure as we strive to be an efficient and economically sound governing body at a time when operating costs are on the rise. This also includes an increase in insurance costs, a benefit that we are pleased to provide to all our members and member clubs. For the first time, we have a dedicated hotline and better service for all members with queries and claims, and our national teams are now protected by terrorism cover when overseas.

There are a number of other developments on the horizon. From September, we will have more front line staff in place to respond to your needs and improve our service to you. A new website will be launching in September 2017 that will include more active communications and online engagement. This website will host a large body of information, guidance and interactive content for all members to access with players, coaches, referees, table officials and clubs all being included. There are also plans afoot to introduce a service to support clubs so they can get assistance to achieve their goals – from fund raising and recruiting volunteers to adopting good practice and growing membership. Finally, a campaign will get underway later this year that targets the disparity between male and female participation in basketball and how we can encourage more women and girls into the sport.

The additional money generated by this increase will be reinvested back into the game. After extensive research and consultation, we will be publishing “game plans” in the autumn that will lay out our ideas for coaching, officiating, the player pathway, our leagues and competitions as well as sport science and player support. This increase will enable those plans to be realised and supported as fully as possible.

Fees will still be collected in the same way, and the process for registering in 2017/18 will remain unchanged. As I have mentioned, it has been a long time since we last altered our pricing structure. We believe we are still one of the cheapest national governing bodies to affiliate to and firmly believe that our sport must remain as accessible as possible. That is one of basketball’s greatest strengths. 

For a full list of our fees in 2017/18, please click HERE.

Stewart Kellett