Jon Stonebridge

S e n i o r   R e l a t i o n s h i p   &   C o - o  r  d i n a t i o n   M a n a g e r   ( C e n t r a l )

Jon has the important task of making sure that we are able to work as well as possible at a local level.
Working around the East of England as well as the Midlands, he looks after the relationship with Regional Committees,
local and county leagues, local associations and other people in the game.
More importantly, he and his team take everything that we are doing, from satellite club programmes
to help and support, and makes sure it filters down to the grass roots level.


Main responsibilities


Local Leagues, Associations and delivery partners

Satellite clubs and participation programmes

Delivery at a local level

Works in Central regions (East/West Midlands/East Midlands)