Information for Students.

We get many enquiries each month from students wanting information on basketball for dissertations and other assignments. It’s really exciting that so many young people are interested in our sport, and we are keen to help as much as possible.

We have put together this information to help answer some of the more common questions we are asked by students.

I would like information about the money given to Basketball England by Sport England and how it is spent

We cannot speak on behalf of Sport England as to the reasons for the way they allocate funds. There is information on Sport England’s website on their work with National Governing Bodies here.


We have been allocated funding for 2017-21, and are currently working on our strategy for delivery during this period. When we have new information about the programmes and our strategy for 2017-2021 it will be available on our website.

I would like information about Basketball England’s work in grassroots basketball

You can find information about our grassroots initiatives in the ‘Play’ and Education sections of the website.

Find out about our player talent pathway.

I would like information about the popularity of basketball in the UK

We recommend reading the All Party Parliamentary Group on Basketball’s 2014 inquiry report, which outlines a lot of the existing evidence on this

You should also explore Sport England’s Active People tool to look at participation in basketball across different demographics over the last decade.

The Government’s Taking Part survey will tell you about participation among children under 16.


Basketball is a popular sport to play in school, so the Youth Sport Trust’s National PE and School Sport Survey may also be a useful resource.

Sport England has released the first findings from their new Active Lives survey here.

I would like to send my survey to Basketball England members

Under the Data Protection Act we cannot provide you with contact details of our members.

An option could be for us to send the survey on your behalf. We do not generally promote external surveys, but you are welcome to send your survey to our Insight Analyst Laura Holloway for her to review and decide if it’s something we could be involved in.

I would like to interview a member of Basketball England staff

We get many requests from students for interviews or to take part in questionnaires. Unfortunately, as we are only a small organisation we do not have capacity take part.

Asking for further information

If you still need more information, please email Laura Holloway.

Tips for a successful enquiry

  • Leave plenty of time before your dissertation or assignment is due.
    We are a small organisation and if it’s a busy time, like a competition finals week or the last few days of a registration window, we may not get to your enquiry immediately. We aim to respond within 7 working days.
  • Define the questions you want answered.
    It’s very difficult to respond to wide ranging queries such as ‘Can you send me any data you have on basketball?’. The more specific you can be, the more likely it is we can help.
  • It may be helpful to read news releases on your topic before contacting us
    If we have put out a news release answering your question, it’s likely we will respond to your question by sending you a copy of that news release. Checking the news section  first may save you some time.
  • Consider using data
    We hold a lot of data on different things, from participation numbers to areas of the country where basketball is most popular. Our Basketball England Fact Sheets contain useful information. If you need something specific that’s not on one of the fact sheets we may be able to provide it.


  • We do not oversee funding of the GB basketball teams.
    British Basketball oversees the GB teams. Their website is
  • We can’t provide personal data
    If you need contact details or personal information about a specific person in basketball, and you cannot find these in the public domain, under the Data Protection Act it’s unlikely we will be able to provide them. Clubs are contactable through our Club Finder facility.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask!
    We try to help students as much as we can, so if you have any questions, please contact Laura.