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Meet the Team

D R   D A N E   V I S H N U B A L A  -  T E A M  D O C T O R

Doctor Dane is a GP and Sport and Exercise Medicine doctor with 14 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. He manages CORE Fitness Education a training company he founded seven years ago as well as his position of Team Doctor with us.

He regularly presents on exercise and chronic disease at conferences and events and holds many advisory positions in the health and fitness industry as well as in medicine.

Doctor Dane's other passion is education and he has been teaching both in higher education and further education for over five years.

A N D Y  H O W S E   -   S P O R T   S C I E N C E   &   M E D I C I N E   L E A D


Basketball Sports Medicine Conference

Each year we run the Basketball Sports Medicine Conference, which is now approaching it's 10th year. The conference is open to physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports physicians and psychologists, sports scientists as well basketball coaches. When we have more details of the upcoming conference, we'll list them below.






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