Wilson Clutch ball.




Wilson Basketball Features 

Much like the legends of the game, the Wilson Clutch ball is the ideal combo of substance and style for every player. The All-purpose cover let's you play everywhere — school playground, park, or gymnasium and with exceptional grip and feel, you'll be at your best wherever you play - and that's clutch.


  • All Surface Cover improves grip
  • Deep Channel Construction improves grip
  • Pressure Lock Bladder improves air retention and durability

Selecting the right ball size

  • Size 7 basketball - for male played aged 14+
  • Size 6 basketball - for female player aged 14+ and for male players aged 12-14
  • Size 5 basketball - for all Key Stage 2 or 7-11 year olds and for female players aged 12-14
  • Size 3 basketball - for all 5-7 year-olds
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