Assist Fund

Basketball England's Assist Fund to help the next generation

Basketball England's Assist Fund is designed to benefit young players who might need financial assistance in order to play and enjoy basketball. 

The Fund, supported by a £10,000 allocation from Basketball England, will provide junior members with allowances of between £50 and £100, with clubs eligible to apply for support for up to three of their junior members.  


The Assist Fund aims to provide funding to support young people aged 18 years or younger that find it difficult to afford to play and develop within the sport.

The grants programme has been designed to help young people stay in the sport and achieve more through basketball in terms of:
1. BE ACTIVE: Continue to stay active by helping people avoid dropping out of basketball
2. DEVELOP IN THE SPORT: Develop lasting sporting habits and skill development
3. DEVELOP THEIR POTENTIAL AND WIDER SKILLS: Continue to benefit from their playing and learning experiences in the sport, helping them to develop life skills through basketball
4. IMPROVE THEIR PERFORMANCE: Improve progression and inclusion among members wishing to improve and get involved in the talent programmes

The Assist Fund is now open until 17th June 2019. 

Please take the time to read our application guidance, the terms and conditions of the scheme and to familiarise yourself with the questions on the application form (all available via this page) before starting your online application.


Who can apply? +

“Before you consider applying for a grant you need to be sure that your organisation and individual beneficiaries are eligible to apply for a small grants award”

Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants will be Basketball England Registered Clubs only (as of 1st October 2018) who are either:

  • a not-for-profit, voluntary or community club or organisation with a formal constitution; or
  • registered charity, not-for-profit company or community interest company (CIC)

For the avoidance of doubt, we cannot accept applications from:

  • other social enterprises
  • schools
  • individuals
  • sole traders
  • companies that are aimed at generating profits primarily for private distribution
  • organisations based outside England
  • applications made by one organisation on behalf of another (i.e. a consultancy on behalf of a club)

Number of Applications

In order to manage an expected demand, we will limit applications to one per club per funding round (and a maximum of 3 individual beneficiaries per application). If clubs are submitting more than one application, we ask that the club assesses the need carefully and include their view on the priority order for its submissions by completing the application in order of priority. This will be applied should the fund be oversubscribed with eligible applications.

What we want to fund +

“The focus of the grant spend should be on basketball related expenditure for the individual beneficiary where they are struggling to afford”

Young People – Low Family Income Backgrounds

The main purpose of the fund is to help young people from low family income backgrounds to afford playing and staying involved in basketball. Therefore, the fund will only be eligible to support young players and/or coaches and officials who are:

  1. UNDER 18: under 18 years of age on or after 01 September 2000
  2. BASKETBALL ENGLAND & CLUB MEMBERS: Registered as a member of Basketball England and at the Basketball England Registered club (the applicant)
  3. LOW INCOME FAMILIES: as the simplest indicator of low income:
  • is currently in receipt of free school meals; or
  • if aged 16-18 and an only child, was on free school meals when leaving school; or
  • if aged 16-18 and has a sibling family member that is currently in receipt of free school meals

Beyond the basic eligibility criteria, we will ultimately judge the application based on your need, what you are going to spend the money on and why. The story about the individual involvement in the sport and what difference this fund will make to the individual applicant will be considered when deciding to award the fund. So, the final criteria will be:

     4. THE BENEFITS TO YOU AND BASKETBALL: that you tell us what difference this will make to the young person receiving the financial support and the impact on their continued involvement and progression in basketball

How much can we apply for? +

There are 3 levels of grants which you can apply for each individual: £50, £75, £100

What can the fund be spent on? +

Our focus in deciding what we are able to fund is what difference you make with our funding, not what things you buy with it. However, there are things that we will not fund.

The fund can be spent on the following items to support the ‘individual’:

  • CLUB FEES: club membership fees
  • BASKETBALL TRAVEL: travel costs towards participating in games
  • DEVELOPMENT FEES: payments towards RDTs and Aspire/England/GB programmes where they haven’t secured money from their school for the same things
  • PLAYING KIT: playing kit where the club can demonstrate they can’t afford to buy or access playing kit through the club
  • BASKETBALL QUALIFICATIONS: coaching and/or officiating education and qualifications

For the avoidance of doubt we can’t fund:

  • Organisational overheads or running costs
  • Club equipment or building/refurbishment costs
  • Paying someone else to write your application
  • Food and drink
  • Medical treatment
  • Unrelated travel costs
  • Salaries
  • For bursaries, sponsored places, fees or equivalent
  • Financial costs such as loans, endowments or interest, recoverable VAT
  • Political or religious activities
  • Profit-making/fundraising activities
  • Expenditure incurred prior to the grant award date (retrospective funding)
  • Expenditure unable to start within 3 months of the grant award date
  • Sharing the grant with others or people not named in your application
  • Any unspecified expenditure

This is not an exhaustive list. If you are unsure about whether items of expenditure are eligible for funding please contact us