Early bird tickets now available for the Basketball Sports Medicine Conference (BSMC) at the City of London Academy (CoLa) this April

Early bird tickets are now available for the fourth edition of the annual Basketball Sports Medicine Conference (BSMC) on Friday, April 28th at the City of London Academy (CoLa) Southwark in the national capital.

The day-long (8:30am-4:30pm) event – entitled ‘Maximisation of Youth Players’ Health and Physical Performance’ this year – is open to physiotherapists, sports physicians and psychologists and sports scientists as well as basketball and strength and conditioning coaches.

The BSMC aims to educate all attendees with expert knowledge on the health and physical development of young athletes and cover broad subjects like the responses to training stimulus; the optimisation of training load and injury prevalence and prevention strategies in youth sports.

A FIBA commissioned study conducted by Aspetar on 3x3 basketball will be presented for the first time to the public. The first of its kind study will present the specific physical demands of 3x3 basketball, the differences to 5v5 basketball and the therefrom derived training recommendations.

There will also be a presentation from the FIBA Europe Medical Council on the day itself, while Dr Tim Gabbett and Dr Ben Rosenblatt will be the key note speakers at the BSMC.

Dr Gabbett will share his expertise, research and thoughts on the optimisation of training load and Dr Rosenblatt will give a presentation on athletes’ adaption to training, using a few high-profile case studies just for good measure.

The FIBA Europe Medical Council will also discuss the very latest Sports Medicine developments in basketball and share its research findings.

Paul Fisher, the Head of Physiotherapy and Sports Science for Basketball England and GB Basketball, commented: “We have managed to put together a world-class group of speakers, which underlines the significant Sports Medicine advances that have developed in basketball over recent years.

“The conference will be extremely informative and of significant interest to all those working in Sports Medicine across a range of sports.

“Areas that are of current interest to Sports Medicine professionals will be the focus, which can only lead to further advancement in athlete care.”

Basketball England’s Education and Satellite Clubs Manager Charlie Ford said: “Following the success of the Basketball Sports Medicine Conferences we have organised and delivered in the past, I am extremely pleased to be working alongside FIBA Europe to make this year’s event open to basketball partners from not only the UK, but the whole of Europe.

“The conference will provide a valuable learning opportunity that will further enhance Basketball England’s growing reputation as one of Europe’s leading countries in the prioritisation of Sports Medicine delivery.”

Dr Tim Gabbett is the world’s leading authority on training load. He has been published widely and his insightful findings have been the single most important factor in an improved understanding – and implementation – of training load techniques in the Sports Science and Medicine field.

Dr Gabbett is often called upon to assist top sports teams from around the world in their management of training load, thereby providing invaluable expertise, insight and strategy to this fundamental aspect of Sports Science and Medicine.

Dr Rosenblatt has a Phd in Sports Biomechanics and Training Specificity and is one of the leading strength and conditioning coaches in the United Kingdom.

He has worked in a variety of different sports, such as football, judo and – even more recently – hockey. Dr Rosenblatt played a key role as the GB women’s hockey team were able to achieve an historic gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro last summer.

He has since moved on to the Football Association (FA), where he works with the England squad.

This fourth edition of the BSMC is being supported by FIBA Europe for the very first time and organised by Basketball England.

Tickets for the BSMC are priced between £75 and £125 and available from the Eventbrite website (www.eventbrite.com) at the following link:  http://po.st/BSMC2017