Watch basketball

How to watch
There are loads of ways you can BE involved and watch basketball. From live basketball at the O2, to watching your local league team, television broadcast and online basketball. You can even get tutorials, street basketball and trick shots available online – the possibilities are endless.

Attend an event
Let’s start with the live stuff; the ‘hairs standing up on the back of your neck, so close you could almost run along court with them’ stuff.

The NBA comes to the UK for their Global Games every year in January. They will showcase two of the best teams in the NBA and give you the chance to see some of the best basketball in the world, as well as the legends of the game. Here at Basketball England we offer some fantastic benefits to our members, including access to presale tickets for these Global Games for example.

For information on how to become a member go to our membership part of the site.  

For more information on the NBA, their UK events and how to purchase tickets visit their site.

The professional league in the UK has some of the best basketball in the country being played week in week out which you can access. The BBL website has a list of all teams who compete, along with the fixtures for the season so you can plan which matches you want to see. From regular season games, to the playoffs, cup finals and more, the BBL is a great place to watch top flight basketball in the UK! We have out own page dedicated to upcoming BBL events, so go check it out now!

Our National League teams play throughout the whole season, with a variety of age groups and standards. For a full breakdown of the NL set up can be downloaded here. A lot of these matches are open to spectators and you can find the fixtures here.

There are National League events we run every year which you can buy tickets for now. They run from the National Cup Final, to Final Fours and playoffs for men and women of different group divisions. For more details on each of these events visit the National League part of the site.
If you are a member with us, there are discounts to attend these events and enjoy a day packed with fantastic basketball action and entertainment.

Other games
You may know of local league, social and recreational games which are going on around you which you want to watch. Most basketball games would welcome spectators, so get yourself down and get involved!

Watch online
If you’re interested in watching basketball, there are loads of places you can go to do this.

You can subscribe to NBA TV which will give you access to watch all the games from over the pond online. If you’re a keen basketball fan and want to watch the lights, camera, action of the NBA then find more information on how to subscribe here.
Some of the NBA fixtures are also broadcast on channels such as BT Sport and Sky, so keep a look out!

FIBA TV broadcasts games from leagues across the whole world live so you can view them online, on your tablet or mobile. If you’re interested in watching top level basketball from around the globe this may be for you and more information can be found here. There is also a whole bank of video content, clips and archive you can access on their website from previous matches, tips and behind the scenes footage.