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With the new Basketball England membership portal, registering couldn't be simpler. This page will give you all the information you need to get started, plus helpful tools and tips to aid your journey to becoming a fully registered Basketball England member!

The Membership Portal

Following a prolonged period of testing and feedback from our members, we're delighted to have launched our new Membership Portal ready for the 2019/20 season!

All members will need to sign up as new members, but once this has taken place we'll look through our old database for your records and merge them for you automatically. That way you don't need to worry about losing any of your qualifications or data entered on our previous portal.

Service Updates

Using the button below, all users can check the status of the current membership portal and find out any information they should be aware of before they register for the new season.

Club Administrators

With the new Basketball England membership portal launched, you can now register to become a club administrator.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up and become a BE member

  2. Pay a £15 membership fee

  3. Read and sign the confidentiality agreement. Once complete, please email this back to

  4. Once the agreement has been returned, we can then assign you as a club administrator


Please note that a club administrator cannot send the payment to the club, as to access the club portal, you need to have a paid membership.


Combined Roles

The combined roles recognised for the refund are player and coach or referee and table official. No other combination of roles entitles you to a refund. Along with this the £15 (Senior) or £8.50 (Junior) Basketball England Membership is not part of a combined role even though it does provide you with a local league player license .

Below are instructions of how to sign up to our new membership portal with combined roles. 

Step 1: Add both licences to the checkout e.g. player and coach e.g. referee and table official


Step 2: Pay for both roles


Step 3: Complete eligibility requirements for both roles


Step 4: Email with your membership number and account details so we can arrange a refund for the lower priced additional role within 28 days

Club CA Codes

After you have added the relevant products to your account and proceeded to checkout, you can either pay for the products yourself or send the payment to the club.

When the payment is sent to the club, you will be asked for the club CA code. Please click on the below button to see the list of club CA codes.

Summary of Eligibility

If you're wondering what information and evidence you'll need to submit to register on the new portal, take a look at the table below.


Do you need help signing up?

Check out the step-by-step guides and videos below.


We're currently working to finalise our FAQs for the 2019/20 season

Area Registrar FAQs

What’s the benefit of being a registrar? +

Registrars have access to safeguarding advice and policies via Basketball England, as well as insurance and coverage by other Basketball England policies and procedures, with telephone support from our customer service team available.

How are we going to get the 40% back? +

In 2019/20, our area registrars will receive the 40% rebate on local league registrations for their areas as in previous seasons. Over the next year we will work with our Regional Management Committees, County & Area Associations and their respective registrars to understand the impact this rebate has on the game and to consult on how we the best distribute this rebate into the game going forward to ensure the rebate is being maximised to grow the game.

When are we going to get the 40% back? +

A payment will be made in November and again at the end of the season.

Will area registrars be entitled to money from BUCS and National League members? +

No, they are only entitled to money from Local League members. If a member signs up for National League and Local League, National League takes precedence.

Data Protection FAQs


For our full Data protection policy click HERE.

How are we ensuring data is kept safe? +

Our system is encrypted, ensuring that data is held securely. Documents such as passports that contain personal data are destroyed once verified.

Who will have access to data? +

Individual members and permitted members of Basketball England staff will have access to all data held, such as personal details and eligibility documents. Area Registrars and Club Administrators will only have access to the personal details.

We also want to collect some demographics information on our membership to help us to report to funding partners and to sponsors and to allow us to better understand our membership and we have tasked our IT partner with being able to collect his information and be able to report on it, without our staff being able to attribute demographic information to an individual.

Registration FAQs

What are the best ways to get our members signed up? +

Clubs could hold player registration nights at a training session where club administrators can assist their members to sign up. For larger clubs we may be able to send a BE member of staff to assist.

Remember, players must be registered before they can play basketball so don’t delay in signing up!

When does to membership and licence period start and end? +

The membership fee is renewed annually from the date of purchase. The national league licence will run from September to 31st May.

How do I pay for my membership and licence cards? +

You will be able to pay for your membership and licence products through the portal, using SagePay. This will require a bank card. Please note the system does not accept American Express.

Club Admin FAQs

How do I become a club admin? +

Once you have become a BE member, please email with the club you will need to be a club admin for and the team will guide you through the process.

Can my club have more than 1 club admin? +

Yes, please email and the team will guide you through the process.

How do I show my licence cards on match day? +

Licence cards will be available to view through the membership portal. There are 3 options for club admins to choose from:

  • Show licence cards on an electronic device e.g. mobile phone, tablet
  • Screenshot licence cards
  • Print licence cards