Become a Coach

So you want to become a coach? Once you have your qualification (a list can be found here) you will need to register so we know you’re out there and affiliated to us.

This gives you insurance in case there are any accidents while you’re coaching and covers you while you’re coaching in Basketball England games, competitions or courses. For full details on the details of the insurance visit the membership section of our site.

It will also talk you through how to register with us and below is a quick round up on what you need to do.

Once you go through to our membership section you can register as a local league coach and pay £15. Once you’ve done this we will provide you with a license number and all are a Basketball England registered coach! You will need to do this every season if you are continuing to coach in basketball.

We also require all coaches go through the DBS process if you will be coming into contact with players aged 18 and under. Visit our safeguarding section on how to start this process or update an existing DBS.

Improve as a coach

If you’re looking for how you can improve now you’re qualified, we have a whole section on ways we can help you to be a better coach and gain higher qualifications, practical experience and help players become the best they can.

Visit our Improve as a Coach section for more information

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