Coronavirus FAQS.

Following our decision to cancel basketball activity for the 2019/20 season, we wanted to update our members with some further information.


A number of questions have been listed below, and we’ll continue to add more information as common questions are asked or new information comes to light.


Why have we now cancelled affiliated basketball activity? +

We have considered all the issues that affect people in our game in relation to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance and we have a duty of care to everyone involved in the sport.  

The main principles behind our decision to cancel fixtures and affiliated Basketball England activity are to protect our members and mitigate against any further spread of the virus. Reducing contact and travel contributes to the push across the whole of society to reduce the threat of contracting and spreading the virus.

As a National Governing Body we feel with everything considered, we can protect our members, their families and friends and the wider community by cancelling activity where we have direct control. Hence all the fixtures and related activity we can directly administer have now been cancelled until the start of the 2020/21 season.

This decision was taken in consideration of the government’s advice and the guidance of our Chief Medical Officer. We have also received many enquiries from clubs and people across the game who were reporting an increased number of playing venues closing on education sites and an increasing number of players selecting to self-isolate. With all these factors and the peak of the coronavirus yet to come, this appears to be the most responsible course of action.  

A link to our initial release on the matter can be found by clicking HERE.

We will continuously monitor the situation and review the position to restart activity and gear up for the 2020/21 season on 11 May 2020. 

What potential basketball activity might get reinstated? +

The only potential exceptions to our complete cancellation of affiliated activity are our Academy Leagues and some Dynamik National Schools competitions.

The reason for this is that these competitions (EABL, WEABL, ABL, plus U14 Boys Premier, U16 Boys Premier, U17 Girls & Boys, U19 Girls & Boys Conference) are within one game of completion and if there is an opportunity to finish them safely, responsibly and fairly before the end of the academic year then we'll explore that option.

A decision on this will be made no later than 28 April 2020, based on the developing advice and information plus communication and agreement with the teams involved. Update (28/04/2020) - A new date for re-examining the situation has been set for 11 May.

Why can't other competitions be finished, like the NBL? +

This is down to the number of games still remaining that would need to be played in a potentially small space of time. 

At present, nearly 500 NBL fixtures that would need to be completed to conclude the 2019/20 regular season across the various divisions. The same issue remains for the Jr. NBA that still has over 200 fixtures outstanding, and local leagues have a variety of scheduling issues to consider as well.

As the Academy Leagues and some Schools finals were due to be played on the 17 and 18 March, there may be a possibility in the coming months to reschedule these nine games, but this will only be done in a safe, responsible and fair manner should the opportunity present itself.

Why have we taken the decision to cancel the season now, and not at a later date? +

Whilst we understand it is disappointing for our members to hear that we have decided to cancel the remainder of the 2019/20 season, we didn’t take this decision lightly and wanted to act decisively in order to provide clarity for all involved in the game.

Most importantly, we put the safety and well being of all our members as our number one priority. Whilst the government advice remains in place to avoid “non-essential” social contact with others, Basketball England had to assess the threat to our members, their families and relatives and how we could also assist with the general health of the population.

With all the advice and feedback we have received over the last few weeks, we decided that the most responsible thing to do was to cancel the season as soon as possible after the initial postponement last Friday.

If the season was to stay suspended for an indefinite time rather than cancelled, with regular dates to re-evaluate the situation, it could be tough for clubs to continue securing facility access (especially with other indoor sports being in the same position) and keep bookings in place for the possibility of further basketball. If this situation created any kind of financial loss for our clubs, we wanted to avoid it.

In some of our competitions, we also needed to consider contractual obligations, visa criteria and player availability. It is possible that the season could have been suspended and then resumed at a time when it was unreasonable for teams to still field competitive rosters as players become free agents, return home to other countries, self isolate or have commitments outside the sport. We didn’t feel this was fair to the teams or players who had worked hard since the beginning of the season to achieve a position they then couldn’t maintain due to factors beyond their control. This was particularly an issue in the NBL, with senior leagues set to finish in April and juniors set to finish in early May.

As we run a large number of competitions and divisions, with different numbers of remaining fixtures, we felt it was also important to provide clear guidance that applied to all, rather than a mixed message of different dates for re-evaluation and potential action on a league by league basis.

When will usual basketball activity start again? +

At the moment, that isn’t something that can be said with certainty but the plan is for competitions to begin again as they usually would for the start of the 2020/21 season in September/October.

We will continuously monitor the situation and review the position to restart activity and gear up for the 2020/21 season on 15 May 2020.  

I still want to play basketball on my own, can I do that? +

Remaining active is incredibly important as a way to combat any disease, and providing you are playing basketball without meeting in groups or coming into contact with others, the advice at present states this isn’t an issue.

However please do not arrange group games, scrimmages or larger sessions, indoors or outdoors, whilst the advice remains that these gatherings should be avoided.

No Basketball England insurance would be in place for this activity, but that would be the case with or without the current situation and coronavirus.

My club has costs and losses as a result of cancelling basketball activity. What help is available? +

One of the reasons that we have taken the decision to cancel competitions now is to provide a clear picture for our clubs and members. That way we hope that clubs can stop any further costs by giving definitive notice to their facilities that the season is over.

Unfortunately, Basketball England cannot cover any financial losses due to coronavirus or our decision to cancel fixtures and affiliated activity. Our insurance policy does not cover losses in relation to these sorts of events. If your club has a booking or contract with a third party such as a facility provider, we recommend you explain to them the circumstances and request empathy with this situation to recover your costs. 

Basketball England can assist with this process should you need it. If you require a letter from Basketball England which adds weight to your case, please email  

For more details on club support, click the following link:

Am I still covered by BE insurance if BE have cancelled basketball activity? +

Basketball England has cancelled all basketball activity for the 2019/20 season, or until further notice for activities which do not run to a set seasonal schedule. Individuals and clubs will NOT be covered under Basketball England insurance whilst this is in place, as any activity will be unsanctioned by the governing body. The following activity has been cancelled which means it will no longer be covered by Basketball England insurance until further notice: 

  • NBL senior and junior fixtures and events
  • BE affiliated local league activity, games and events 
  • The running, delivery and attendance of BE courses
  • All Girls campaign ambassador activity
  • Slam Jam activity
  • Jr. NBA activity
  • Satellite club activity 
  • Dynamik National Schools competition

As the decision to cancel activity has also been taken by the BBL, WBBL, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Wales, plus other affiliated competitions run by the AoC and BUCS, there is currently no sanctioned basketball activity taking place in the UK.

Should a competition be re-arranged by another organisation that involves Basketball England members (players, officials, coaches, team managers and/or bench personnel) please contact us to make sure that the competition is sanctioned and therefore covered by Basketball England's insurance.

What’s happening with the upcoming volunteer awards? +

The awards themselves are still going ahead, and regional award winners have now been named.

The Volunteer Awards dinner scheduled for the 6 June 2020 won't be taking place, and we'll provide an update on how the National winners are announced and recognised in due course.

What’s the status of the upcoming Coaching Conference? +

We’re still assessing the likelihood that event taking place on 6 June 2020, though there is the potential for the Conference to move later in the year if necessary.

We’ll provide an update on this one as soon as we can, particularly to any coaches who have already confirmed their interest in attending.

We will continue to update these FAQs as the situation and advice changes, should there be any need to issue further information.

If you have any further questions, please contact