Here you can find out further information on how to register a new Local League club with us.  To register a NBL club, please click here.


What defines a club? 

Clubs will vary in size and what they offer but here are the general characteristics of a club: 

  • Plays in any of the following: 

    • Basketball England affiliated local league 

    • Basketball England run NBL competitions 

    • Compete in the WBBL/BBL professional league (please contact the BBL in the first instance) 

  • Has a bank account with the appropriate signatories 

  • Has an effective club committee, consisting of a chairperson, secretary and treasurer 

  • Has a formal constitution approved by the club committee 

  • Has a Child Welfare Officer if there are junior members in the club

  • Uses a suitable playing venue 

  • Insured by Basketball England through their membership, or carries their own insurance

  • To be supportive of our vision to be an inspirational sport that is accessible to everyone 

Basketball England reserves the right to refuse affiliation to any club. 


What is the difference between a club and a team?

You only have one club, and within that club can sit a number of teams. Think of a club as being the umbrella that spans across anything and everything that you do, and the teams sit under that umbrella in some shape or form. 


How to register a new club 

Please click on the link below and complete the form to begin registering your club.  

We advise that clubs do not purchase any equipment or kits or make reference to being affiliated to Basketball England until a member of staff has been in touch to confirm that the set up of the club was successful on the membership portal. This can take up to 5 working days



What will happen if the club application is successful? 

The club will be set up on the membership portal. We will then ask you to register a member on the portal and complete the club confidentiality agreement so that they can be given club access.  Once an admin has club access, they will then need to pay the club affiliation fee to gain full access to the portal. 


What will happen if the club application is unsuccessful? 

A member of staff will be in touch to discuss other options. 

Reason why an application may be unsuccessful: 

  • It does not meet the requirements of setting up a new club 

  • There are already a number of clubs that exist in the area so we will discuss with you about joining up with an existing club instead 


How do I register a team as part of my club? 

If you are an existing club, in the club area of the portal, you can set up a new team. 

If you are not part of an existing club, you will need to follow the steps on becoming a new club first.