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Technical Award Application Form

Application Process

Information & instructions

Please complete this form if you plan to organise a Basketball England Coaching or Officiating Course. The form can only be completed for one course at a time.

Step 1

Enter the details of your course below. Within two working days you will receive an email with your unique course reference number and details of what to do next. If you have requested that you want your course advertising on Basketball England's courses calendar then this will be published within two working days.

Step 2

At least five days before commencement of your course you are required to submit a completed candidate register which includes the details of the candidates that will attend the course. This also helps with the number of resources that we will send you.

Payment Process

An invoice will be sent to the course organiser which will include details of the number of resources ordered and what payment is required. There will also be instructions on how you can pay. Payment is required within 14 days of the invoice date.


Below are the resources cost for each course that we offer. The fee includes course resources and certification. Please note that certification is subject to the candidates successfully completing all elements of the course.

Available courses

Basketball Activator Award - £15 per candidate Coach Level 1 - £25 per candidate Coach Level 2 - £35 per candidate Referee Level 1 - £10 per candidate Referee Level 2 - £50 per candidate Referee Level 3 - £85 per candidate Young Official (Referee Level 1 and Table Official Level 1) - £15 per candidate Table Official Level 1 - £5 per candidate Table Official Level 2 - £15 per candidate Table Official Level 3 - £25 per candidate Introduction to Statistics - £0

Personal Details
Please include the date the course will begin here.
Please indicate what time the course will commence using the 12 hour clock e.g. 9:00am
Please indicate what time the course will finish using the 12 hour clock e.g 3:00pm
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Please include the name and postcode where you will be hosting the course.
Please enter the tutors full name here. If you require a list of tutors in your region please put 'Tutor List Required'

Dates & times
Distribution of resources
1. Name/Number 2. Street Name 3. Town 4. Postcode

To be completed if details are different to the resource address details
to ensure you receive the resources in time, we require the final candidate numbers no less than 5 working days before the commencement of the course do that we can send you the resources.
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Further enquiries

If require any assistance completing this form or have questions about organising a technical award course then please call us on 0300 600 1170 or email