Congratulations on being invited to referee in NBL and WNBL competitions. On this page is all the key information you need before you start to receive appointments.


You will receive login details to our referee appointments system called Assignr. This is where you will receive your appointments and where you confirm you can fulfil those nominations. You will receive appointments based on your availability and meeting the criteria set out below.

NBL Referee Groups

To give better clarity on the appointments NBL Referees can expect to receive we created five groups (A - E). As a new referee into the NBL, you will be a Group E referee and will receive appointments as an umpire in WNBL1/2 and NBL3. Your first games are likely to be within WNBL2 where we will aim to have one of our referee coaches come to watch your performance, give you guidance and confirm whether you are suitable to continue within the NBL and WNBL.

The table below shows the different competitions and what group you would need to be to officiate those competitions. Please note, only in limited circumstances are Level 2 Referees placed into Group D and above.


Licencing, National Officiating Conference & Testing

To be insured for NBL/WNBL competition, you will need to add the National League referee licence for senior and junior competition alongside your BE membership. If you need more information on membership & licencing visit our membership hub.

In order to referee in the NBL and WNBL, you will be required to take part in the National Officiating Conference. This year's conference will take place over a variety of webinars starting on 23 September.

Additionally in order to receive the best possible appointments you will need to complete and pass a rules & fitness test. More information on this, and the 100 practice questions can be seen on the link below.


Game Day Procedure

When you are appointed to a game you may be required to travel with your co-official if this is the most cost-effective method. Both you and your co-official are required to be present at the venue one hour prior to the scheduled tip-off and are required to arrive in smart attire. Watch out for updates with Return to Play as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which may alter this procedure.

Once present at the venue, the match promoter should host a pre-game meeting with the referees, at least one table official and a member of each team.

Following this meeting you are required to change into your refereeing uniform, which must include the current Basketball England referee shirt and jacket.

The full Game Day Procedure will be available in the Match Officials' Handbook which will be made available prior to the season commencing.

Hive Learning

As part of our development we use the Hive Learning platform to engage officials in weekly debate with clips across the Know Your Rules, Mechanics and Knowledge of Common Plays sections.

All licenced officials should have access to the platform already, however if you do not please email us at so that we can provide you access.