For the 2021/22 season, we are asking NBL referees to organise their own fitness tests and provide video evidence or attend a regional fitness test. All the information you need is provided below.



We are accepting submissions of completed fitness tests ahead of the upcoming season between Monday 16 August and Sunday 5 September. In order to be considered for the first set of NBL appointments (25/26 September), we will require your video by Sunday 5 September. Referees who haven't completed the fitness test by such time will be on restricted nominations. Nominations for 25/26 September will be released on or before Monday 6 September.

After this time we will continue to accept submissions and once the fitness test has been completed referees can expect to again receive regular games inline with their group (assuming all other criteria has been met). As appointments are released three weeks in advance you may still be officiating games below your competency or not at all for three weeks after completing your test.

Regional fitness tests will be organised and communicated in due course.


Traditionally the fitness test has been completed in a sports hall. Whilst this is the ideal, the fitness test can be run in any open space that has 20 metres of uninterrupted space. Examples of where the test can be run are (but not limited to):

  • Sports hall
  • Indoor gym
  • Park
  • Empty car park


All NBL referees should complete the fitness test.

You can run the fitness test either individually or with others. Please ensure there is enough space between you and other candidates to safely complete the test.


  1. Prior to recording the test, ensure the course is set up with the cones or other marking items visible and 20 metres apart. You will require a 20 metre tape measure, or clearly show the intervals of measurement using a smaller tape measure.

  2. Start the video. Ensure you are visible on the video and then say aloud the date of the test including the year.

  3. Show the cones or other marking items are 20 metres from end to end. To do this show the tape measure at zero metres. Then walk with the camera facing forwards to the end of the course. Finally show the 20 metre marker clearly. The video must not stop running from this point.

  4. Position the video so that both ends of the course can be seen for all participants.

  5. It is preferred for the audio of the fitness test to be able to be heard on the video. If this is not possible then we will still accept the video. The audio for the fitness test is available here.

  6. At the conclusion of the test, stop the video.

  7. Tests will be deemed unsuccessful if:

    • The video recording is incomplete and/or does not follow the instructions above.

    • A candidate reaches the line too early or too late on more than one occasion.

    • A candidate does not reach the line at all.

If at any point whilst attempting the test you begin to feel unwell, you must stop.


Number of laps required


Submitting your video test

To submit your video test, send the video to This can be done via WeTransfer, WeSendit, OneDrive or by other means. In the message, include all the names of the people who ran in the video. Each video only needs to be submitted once.

Please keep a copy of the video until we have confirmed that you have passed the fitness test.