Officials are an essential element to any competitive basketball game.


By following the (world governing body) FIBA rules, interpretations and mechanics, it is their job to manage a game and ensure it’s played in a fair and safe environment. As such, Basketball England is responsible for ensuring that there is an adequate number - and appropriate standard - of officials for all our competitions. 

Over the past two years, we have been working on the Basketball Development Model (BDM) - a research project focusing on the player pathway from all perspectives. The plan has also received input from officiating experts and the basketball community, who have been consulted throughout the process. The outcomes of the BDM are the basis for this Game Plan.

Our plan focuses on the current position and context of officiating in England and presents the vision, strategic themes, objectives and targets for officiating during the period 2018-21. 

The Officiating Game Plan address a number of key issues for table officials, referees and statisticians with its main aim to have more and better. You will read about the “REDD” programme which encompasses all elements of the Pathway. This includes recruitment, education & training, deployment and development, the programme underpins the goals and strategy of the Officiating Plan in the short, medium and long term.

Officiating Game Plan