Officiating Pathway.

The officiating pathway starts from local league to the highest level of competition. There are separate qualifications for referees and table officials (responsible for timekeeping and scoring). Once you have qualified, or if you are looking to complete your practical assessments while training, you are required to register as a member

Become an Official

If you love basketball, want to make new friends, and contribute to the growth of the sport, then the chances are you may have what it takes to become a referee, table official or statistician.

Regional Coordinators

Some areas of the country have Regional Coordinators who work with officials on a local level. If you’re looking for more experience, guidance or to share ideas in your area, please your nearest Regional Coordinator.

Refereeing pathway.

Level 1

Aimed at complete beginners who want a better knowledge of the game: whether an under-16 player just starting out in the officiating world; a parent; or a novice looking to get into the sport. This is a 4-hour course giving an insight into the basic mechanics of refereeing, violations and fouls.

Level 1 referees can officiate school games, youth local leagues and at recreational level.

Duration: 4 hours

Pre requisites: none

Minimum age: 14 years

Cost: £17-£40


Aimed at beginners who have experience as a player or have attended the Level 1 course.

Level 2 referees can officiate local league and junior NBL.

Lasting a total of 14 hours over the course covering 4 modules, it gives knowledge of all the rules in basketball.

Duration: 17 hours

Assessment: 3 regulation games assessments

Pre requisites: None, experience recommended

Minimum age: 16 years

Cost: £120

Level 3

Aimed at referees who want to progress from local or junior league to senior National League games.
The 16-hour course, gives you practical knowledge on game administration and refereeing in games of a higher standard.

Duration: 16 hours

Assessment: 3 regulation games under assessment

Pre requisites: Level 2 referee

Minimum age: 18

Cost: £90 - £130

Level 4

Aimed at those who want to referee at the highest domestic level. The course is a season long and allows you to gain experience of high-level senior National League games.

Duration: 5 days course delivery, along with 3-6 months home study

Assessment: completed portfolio along with a minimum of 4 training and game assessments: Senior national leagues games and tournaments

Pre requisites: Level 3 referee

Minimum age: 18 years

Cost: £130

Table Officials pathway.

Level 1

Provides an introduction for complete beginners to the game. This two-hour course gives you an insight
into the basic work of a timekeeper and scorer.

Level 1 Table Officials can officiate at school games, youth local leagues and at recreational level.

Duration: 2 hours

Assessment: None

Pre requisites: None required

Minimum age: 14

Cost: £15 - £25

Level 2

A four-hour course for those who have completed Level 1, providing deeper knowledge of the roles of the timekeeper and scorer.
If you already have suitable experience you may be able to officiate senior National League games once you are a Level 2 Table Official.

Duration: 4 hours

Assessment: 3 regulation games under assessments

Pre requisites: None, experience recommended

Minimum age: 14

Cost: £25-£35

Level 3

For those who regularly officiate in the Senior National League. The four-hour course expects candidates to show a
very high level of practical performance, and we also test your theoretical knowledge.
Training on the role of the shot-clock operator is also included.

Level 3 Table Officials can be allocated professional games with the British Basketball League.

Duration: 4 hours

Assessment: 3 regulation games under assessments

Pre requisites: Level 2 table official

Minimum age: 16

Cost: £30 - £55