This is a platform for officials to gain a greater knowledge of topical subjects that are interesting to them and their own development.

With the success of the officiating webinars over last summer Basketball England will host further webinars throughout the summer 2021 period.

The usual format will be a presentation via a webinar which may include images and videos. There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions once the presentation has been completed. 

The schedule of webinars is listed below along with the Zoom details for each of the sessions.

Upcoming Webinars: 

An Interview with Rebecca Orleans

Rebecca is one of our FIBA qualified table officials and has officiated prestigious events such as the Paralympic Games in 2012. Rebecca is also heavily involved in the Polly Camp, and we look forward to discussing that and more when she joins us on the Wednesday Webinar.

DATE: Wednesday 23 June 2021
TIME: 19:00 (BST)


Meeting ID: 961 2724 1961
Passcode: 064360


An Interview with Jade Bow Butters

Image credit: Mansoor Ahmed

Jade is next in line to discuss her officiating career with us, and it will be an intriguing discussion regarding the transition from playing to refereeing. This season, Jade has become the first person to both have played and refereed in WBBL competition, and also was assigned to one of the WBBL Playoff Quarter Final games.

DATE: Wednesday 14 July 2021
TIME: 19:00 (BST)


Meeting ID: 968 5401 9681
Passcode: 429608


Rewatch Previous Webinars: 

An Interview with Eduard Udyanskyy


Passcode: BpN2Xz@j