Course Information

If you want to organise a course and provide an opportunity for new coaches and officials to learn, we can help. We will give you all the resources and paperwork - all you need to do is sort yourself a venue, suitable tutor and fill your course with eager candidates!
Below is a chart of how much each course costs to run, how long it should run for, how many candidates should attend and what we think you should pay your tutor.

Course Hours Min no. of Candidates Max no. of Candidates Candidate Fee Recommended Tutor Fee
(plus travel @ 35p per mile)
Basketball Activators Award 6 10 20 £15


Level 1 Coach 16 10 16 £25


Level 2 Coach 24 10 15 £35


Level 1 Referee 4 12 20 £10


Level 2 Referee 16 12 20 £50


Level 3 Referee 16 6 12 £85


Level 1 Table Official 2 6 15 £5


Level 2 Table Official 4 6 15 £15


Level 3 Table Official 6 6 15 £25 £90
Young Official (L1 Ref & TO) 6 6 12 £15 £90
UKCC Level 1 in Coaching Basketball. Awarded by 1st4SportQualifications 16 + Home Study 10 (additional numbers may enroll but will require an extra tutor on the course) £67.50 + VAT

Tutor £250.00

Assessor £ 50.00

UKCC Level 2 in Coaching Basketball. Awarded by 1st4SportQualifications 24 + Home Study 10 12 (additional numbers may enroll but will require an extra tutor on the course) £85.00 + VAT

Tutor £500.00

Assessor £120.00

All courses should be registered with Basketball England; except for UKCC Level 1 and Level 2 which are awarded through 1st4SportQualifications 0113 290 7610

Register your course with Basketball England

To register your course you are required to complete the online booking application form online application form.

When registering the course you should consider the following:

  • The registration form should be completed no later than 7 days before the course will commence. no later than 7 working days before the course date.
  • The candidate register should be return to Basketball England 24 hours after the first or only session. This will allow Basketball England to get in contact with the candidates with a view of getting them involved in officiating as soon as possible.
  • Basketball England recommended tutor fee is exclusive of any travel expenses incurred.
  • Basketball can help you source a tutor, you can request this on the form.

If you require any more information or have any questions, please Contact us on 0300 600 1170 or alternatively email us at

Courses Explained

It may seem complicated when you’re trying to work out which course is for you and what they’re all for. Check the information below to see how everything works and where you need to start.

If you’re interested in how each qualification fits in sequence with the next, then click on the links below to look at an easy roundup of how everything works.

Coaching pathway

Officiating pathway

You can also go to our courses calendar and search for your nearest course!

Coaching Upcoming Courses

Officiating Upcoming Courses


Guidance on Safeguarding for Basketball England

For those of you who are looking to develop your safeguarding & child protection knowledge, be it advanced or beginner, have a look at the CPSU's (Child Protection in Sport Unit) website which has a range of courses/seminars to help you have the correct information & knowledge on how to protect children in sport.

More information on safeguarding can be found on our safeguarding page below.