Organise a Course

If you want to organise a course and provide an opportunity for new coaches and officials to learn, we can help. We will give you all the resources and paperwork - all you need to do is sort yourself a venue, suitable tutor and fill your course with eager candidates!
Below is a chart of how much each course costs to run, how long it should run for, how many candidates should attend and what we think you should pay your tutor.

Course Hours Min no. of Candidates Max no. of Candidates Candidate Fee Recommended Tutor Fee
(plus travel @ 35p per mile)
Basketball Activators Award 6 10 20 £15


Level 1 Coach 16 10 16 £25


Level 2 Coach 24 10 15 £35


Level 1 Referee 4 12 20 £10


Level 2 Referee 16 12 20 £50


Level 3 Referee 16 6 12 £85


Level 1 Table Official 2 6 15 £5


Level 2 Table Official 4 6 15 £15


Level 3 Table Official 6 6 15 £25 £90
Young Official (L1 Ref & TO) 6 6 12 £15 £90


UKCC Level 1 in Coaching Basketball. Awarded by 1st4SportQualifications 16 + Home Study 10 (additional numbers may enroll but will require an extra tutor on the course)  £67.50 + VAT


Tutor £250.00

Assessor £ 50.00

UKCC Level 2 in Coaching Basketball. Awarded by 1st4SportQualifications

24 + Home Study


12 (additional numbers may enrol but will require an extra tutor on the course)

 £85.00 + VAT

Tutor £500.00

Assessor £120.00

All courses should be registered with Basketball England; except for UKCC Level 1 and Level 2 which are awarded through 1st4SportQualifications 0113 290 7610

Resource orders must be given 2 weeks before the course date. Candidate lists should be returned to Basketball England on completion of the course to ensure all candidates receive their certificates.

Basketball England recommended tutor fee is exclusive of any travel expenses incurred.

Booking your course with Basketball England

Complete the online booking form online application form and then send those over to our Course Mailbox at HQ.

Make sure you register your course with us no later than 7 days of the commencement of your course.

To enable us to process your application in time and send out the candidate and tutor resources, your course applications should be received no later than 7 working days before the course date. There will be a £50 administration fee for applications received less than 7 days of the course commencing to ensure all resources and relevant materials are with you in time for the course date.

If you require any more information or have any questions, please Contact us on 0300 600 1170 or alternatively email us at

Courses Explained

It may seem complicated when you’re trying to work out which course is for you and what they’re all for. Check the information below to see how everything works and where you need to start.

If you’re interested in how each qualification fits in sequence with the next, then click on the links below to look at an easy roundup of how everything works.

Coaching pathway

Officiating pathway

You can also go to our courses calendar and search for your nearest course!

Coaching Upcoming Courses

Officiating Upcoming Courses

For those of you who are looking to develop your safeguarding & child protection knowledge, be it advanced or beginner, have a look at the CPSU's (Child Protection in Sport Unit) website which has a range of courses/seminars to help you have the correct information & knowledge on how to protect children in sport.

Make sure you register your course with us no later than 2 weeks before it is scheduled. If you are registering a course within this time please contact our team on 0300 600 1170

If you are interested in delivering UKCC courses, you will need to contact 1st4SportQualifications on 0113 290 7610.




Following on from the National Officiating Conference and the feedback from officials who were in attendance, Basketball England have introduced two resources to support the role of a table officials, "Table Official Mechanics Manual" and "Basketball Scoresheet Manual".

Each resource has been designed specifically to support table officials in their role and give them a point of reference for any situation they wish to increase their knowledge about. Specifically, the Scoresheet Manual is an excellent resource which includes multiple game sheets, scripts and scenarios which offer a fantastic learning resource for developing officials. Both these resources were created with the desire to make table officiating more consistent across the country.

Basketball England would like to thank Janine Timms and Martin Green for the work they of put in to producing these fantastic recourses.

To view either resource, please click the images below.


Becoming an officiating tutor


Becoming a tutor for one of our official’s courses is a bit different to our coaching process. 

If you’re interested in becoming a tutor for the official’s qualifications, we require you to complete our 
Recognition of Prior Learning application form (RPL). Once it’s complete, send it back to us with your CV evidencing your previous training and education.

We will then decide whether you’re good to go straight away, or whether we give you the opportunity to have a little bit more training with us to make sure you’re ready to tutor.

Still interested? 
Download the application form, couple with your CV and send to our Officiating guru here at HQ.

We also suggest you familiarise yourself with our 
tutor code, which will explain what is expected of you as a tutor. 



Officials – we couldn’t do it without them! They are so important to the running of our game, and here is your one stop shop on how to become one, how to get licensed depending on the level you want to officiate at, and how to become the best official you can. 

If you’re looking to become an official and want to explore the opportunities available to you, search for officiating courses in your area 

If you want to officiate and be registered with Basketball England once you are qualified, you need to register and get a license. There are a couple of ways to do this depending on the level of matches you wish to officiate.

Getting started
You need to log into or create a membership account then follow the process of creating a registration form, adding the officiating products and paying for your licence.

Officiating in Local League, Junior National League, School, College or University Competitions 
If you want to officiate in any competition below the Senior National League only then you need to log into or create a membership account then follow the process of creating a registration form, adding the officiating products and paying for your licence. The membership Officer will receive this payment and send you a license card in the post.

Officiating in the Senior National League
If you’re officiating the Senior National League, you need to get a specific licence for this and there are a few bits of criteria you must fit with to be able to do this. Basketball England will create a registration form for you which you will submit and pay for in your account. You should also send a photograph of yourself by email which can be placed on your license card that we send. If a registration form has not been created for you in your account, please contact our Officials Participation and Development Officer.

Below is a list of licensing options.

Leagues under Senior National League

Adult Referee


Register Now!

Adult Table Official


Register Now!

U18 Referee


Register Now!

U18 Table Official


Register Now!

Senior National League

U18 Table Official


Register Now!

U18 Referee


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Adult Table Official


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Adult Referee


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Senior National League Requirements - Referee

  • You must be a level 3 or above candidate (Experienced level 2 referees aspiring to complete a level 3 qualification that season could be considered)
  • You need to attend our National Officiating Conference so we can make sure you’re up to date with your fitness and rules. Download and practice the fitness test here
  • Once licensed you will be able to sign into your account and amend your own personal calendar and indicate which dates you are available to referee. Referees will be allocated to games three weeks in advanced.

Official Physical Fitness Test for Referees

This is a multi-stage test which involves running without stopping for ten minutes on a 20 metre course. A pre-recorded audio prescribes the speed at which the candidate must run, which increases in stages as the test

progresses. At every sound signal the candidate must touch the 20 metre line and return to the starting line in time for the next sound signal.

Please contact our Officials Participation and Development Officer if you wish to apply for an exemption from the fitness test.



Total Number of Laps



60 & above

41 & above



50 & above

40 & under



41 & above




40 & under




Referees officiating in the BBL are required to achieve 86 laps

Referee Appointments
Our nominations guru over here will then allocate your games for the season. If you need to get hold of him urgently regarding injury or availability, you can get him on the below details.

In the meantime, if you require any more information contact our Officials Participation and Development Officer.

For Junior National League, Local leagues, Schools and recreation, it is the teams that assign their own officials to their games or in some cases there is a local officials assignment officer that will complete this task for that league or completion. If you have no contact details for any local teams or competitions in your area, then please get in contact with our Officials Participation and Development Officer.

Senior National League Requirements - Table Official

If you’re a table official wanting to take on Senior National League games, we ask you to be level 2 qualified or above and hopefully you’ll have attended our conference. Teams and clubs themselves allocate the table officials for their games.


Minimum Table Official Requirements


Level 3 (no. of TO)

Level 2 (no. of TO)

NBL Division 1 Men



NBL Division 2 Men



NBL Division 3 Men



NBL Division 4 Men



NBL Division 1 Women



NBL Division 2 Women



If you want to be able to both referee and table referee, as long as you register as a referee it will cover you to do both. What’s great about registering for Senior National League, is that it will cover you to referee at all levels below National League too. Even if you register as a Senior National League table official – you can referee at local level and recreationally.

All licenses listed above cover the official for all registered local leagues, university leagues, and both Senior and Junior National League matches.

For more information on membership for officiating local league only, go to our membership section


Safeguarding for Officials

A Guide to Safeguarding for Basketball England Officials

For more information on safeguarding, please visit our safeguarding page.


Funding For Officials

Ian Pollard Development Fund

The Ian Pollard Development Fund (IPDF) was created in honour of the excellent British FIBA referee who was passionate about the development of referees from grass roots to international levels.

The aim of the fund is to help the development of referees throughout the UK by giving part funding of any relevant activity, course or project that improves the skills, experience and/or technical knowledge of officiating. It's designed to be used in conjunction with your own investment into becoming a better official.

If you think you can qualify for a grant of this kind, you should download the application form and send it to this address supported by a covering letter.

All applications will be considered by the committee and awards will be allocated in January, April and August of each year.