Club Skills Guide

Great Britain and NBA star Luol Deng is backing the introduction of a British Basketball Club Skills Guide to help the development of coaches in the UK.

The Clubs Skills Guide is now available for all registered BE coaches to access. If you wish to view the Guide, please contact the Basketball England Coaching Development & Participation Manager Brian Aldred (0114 284 1064 or who will provide you with further instruction.

The new British Basketball coaching resource is being released this week to the home countries. It is specifically designed for clubs, schools and National League teams and has a clear focus on teaching the game and its fundamental skills. The introduction of the Club Skills Guide (CSG) has been endorsed by Deng, who also believes it can make a big difference.

(photograph courtesy of Mansoor Ahmed/AhmedPhotos)

“Every year I see the incredible passion that all of the coaches have for the game which is amazing,” stated the Miami Heat small forward. “But we also need education and development to help fuel that passion into good consistent teaching across the whole of the UK. The Club Skills Guide is a great step forward to help coaches develop skills of players.”

Vladan Dragosavac, Technical and Performance Manager for Basketball England stressed, “The Club Skills Guide is an important tool for the development of our future players, coaches and coaching standards within progressive clubs. We are able, for the first time, to provide practical guidance for clubs on the ‘what’ to coach for developing players; the ‘how’ to coach in terms of planning and content and most importantly; 'where' the focus for clubs should be to secure further player development at all levels and ages. The Guide brings the ‘Areas of Emphasis’ to life.”

Specifically there are four key modules in the CSG designed to assist clubs and coaches in the planning, organisation, delivery and development of young basketball players:

Club Coaching Guidance – Describes the role of the coach and club in each player’s development through teaching and understanding.
Age Group Organisation – Identifies the stages of player development and how they fit within international basketball.
Planning for Training – Details the priority for training and the relevance of competition , as well as keys to improving practice.
Game Style and Principles of Play – Clarifies the phases, principles and priorities of individual and team tactics.

"The Club Skills Guide has been designed as the minimum standard for teaching and coaching basketball at club level in the UK and will be made available through the home nation governing bodies,” explained National Teams Director, Warwick Cann. “I believe it completes a significant coach guidance package and provides a compelling link between the recent public release of the ‘Areas of Emphasis’ document and coaching at club level. My hope is that the CSG will really help clubs and coaches to raise the skill level of players in the UK. Many who have reviewed it say it’s exactly what is needed and it’s now over to the club coaches to implement.”

For more information on the Club Skills Guide, please click here.