Guidance for Coaches

What should a coach be delivering?
You’re qualified – good job! But now you’re looking for guidance on the kind of thing you need to be delivering. Ok well you’ve come to the right place because in here you will find the key areas to focus your coaching sessions on, as well as the roles within your region we recommend are in place to provide you with the best support it can.

It makes sense to have a shared set of techniques, skills, concepts and language so that we’re all working together towards the same thing – better coaching, better players.
These guidelines can be used for coaching basketball at any level; club and National League, right down to junior and academies. If the themes are consistent throughout every level, we should have loads of players which have developed skills across the whole of basketball.

These focus points are referred to as ‘areas of emphasis’, and are broken down into physical, technical and tactical and are outlined below.

1. Athletic Devlopment
2. Footwork and Movement
3. On-ball Defence, including footwork

3. Shooting
4. Passing and Receiving
5. Use of the Dribble

6. Offence, individual and team
7. Off-ball defence, position, tactics, vision
8. Point guard play

Our areas of emphasis document breaks the above focus areas into more detail and includes themes which will help you deliver them. Not only that, it covers the fundamental areas all coaches should revise themselves in at all levels. There are also resources and strategies to help implement the plan to improve coaching and with that, players.

Within each area of emphasis, there are recommendations for coaches, clubs and schools so whatever level you’re looking at, there will be information in this document which can help you deliver the best sessions for whatever level of player.

Download the areas of emphasis document.

Basketball England coaching support infrastructure

So, what can we do to help support coaches at whatever level?

We have lots of ways we do this, from our Coaching Participation and Development Manager here at Basketball England’s offices, right down to recommending how our club system can support coaches.

We have 10 Performance Coach Co-ordinators across our regions of England who work with our staff here in our Performance team to improve coaching within our regional development centres. We have another 10 people who are based regionally who work with our Coaching Participation and Development Manager to improve coaching and player development in levels under the elite segments of our talent pathway.

The Performance Coach Coordinator role aims to assist emerging coaches of the Level 2 and 3 standards into the performance pathway and improve the development of players through better guidance assessment of coaching in the Regional Development Program. They will assist one hundred and twenty coaches and eight hundred and twenty players and work to a whole of sport plan in player and coach development. The focus is on coach development to improve player performance.

The final piece of our coach education and development jigsaw is the role that clubs can play to support their coaches and new coaches coming into the system. We recommend each club has a Club Coaching Lead who will drive the development of coaches going forward. A lot of Clubmark clubs have this position in place as it is essential in the existing criteria.