If you’re looking to attend any of our officiating courses (see full list here) and not sure what is in your area then you can search by your area and find all the courses you’re interested in.

Fancy yourself as quite the organiser? If you think there is a need for a course in your area, you can organise a Basketball England course yourself! We will give you all the resources and paperwork – all you need to do is sort yourself a venue, suitable tutor and fill your course with eager candidates!

Search courses here.

Below is a chart of how much each officiating course costs to run, how long it should run for, how many candidates should attend and what we think you should pay your tutor.

CourseHoursMin no.
of Candidates
Max no.
of Candidates
Tutor Fee
(Plus Travel @ 35p per mile)
Level 1 Referee 4 12 20 £10


Level 2 Referee 14 + 10 HS 12 20 £35


Level 1 Table Official 2 6 15 £5


Level 2 Table Official 4 6 15 £15 £60
Level 3 Table Official 4 6 15 £25 £60
Young Official (L1 Ref & TO) 6 6 12 £15 £90 

To get ahead of the game and know what to expect, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the organiser code and complete the course application form. You can then send those over to our Technical Administrator guru at HQ.

Make sure you register your course with us no later than 2 weeks before it is scheduled. The Technical Administrator will confirm receipt of your application and provide details of the next steps.

Administration fees

After evaluating the courses process, all course applications should be received no later than 7 days before the course date. This is across all courses administered by Basketball England.

Please note - any applications recieved less than 7 days before the course due date will be charged an admin fee of £50.

From the 1st April 2015, postage charges will now be applied to all resources sent

This cost will vary depending on weight and method sent out.

  • Less than 2kg will be sent via Royal Mail
  • Over 2kg will be sent via our currier-Interlink
  • The amount will be added to your invoice

This is to ensure all resources and relevant materials are with you in time for the course date. If you require anymore information or have any questions please contact us.