Courses Explained

Where to start! Ok it may seem complicated when you’re trying to work out which course is for you and what they’re all for so we've tried to make this as easy as possible so you can get the right course for you.

If you're interested in coaching courses go to our improve as a coach section. 

If you're interested in referee of table official courses go to our improve as an official section.

If you’re interested in how each qualification fits in sequence with the next then click on the below graphic links to show you an easy roundup of how it all works.

You can also go to our courses calendar and search for your nearest course! 

For those of you who are looking to develop your safeguarding & child protection knowledge, be it advanced or beginner, have a look at the CPSU's (Child Protection in Sport Unit) website which has a range of courses/seminars to help you have the correct information & knowledge on how to protect children in sport.