Here you can access all the information regarding insurance:


Basketball England has 2 types of insurance:

- Individual Insurance (licenced members only)

- Club/Area/League Insurance (club affiliation)

Insurance for both groups runs from 1st September to 31st August, regardless of the date of purchase

Insurance FAQs

Why does licencing and affiliation run from 1st September to 31st August? +

Licencing and club affiliation runs between these dates so that members are covered for any pre-season and post-season activity as well as in season activity.  It also ensures that members and clubs do not have their insurance expiring partway through the season, which would be a huge risk that as an NGB we have to mitigate.

What happens if a member doesn’t purchase their licence from 1st September? +

If a member doesn't purchase any licences, they would be able to take part in up to 4 sessions (covered under BE insurance) before they would then have no insurance and would be ineligible to make any claims.

Does club/area/league insurance cover members? +

No, club/area/league insurance is public liability to ensure anything clubs do does not cause injury or financial loss to others or damage to their property

Who covers an individual if they are not a member? +

Individuals would be covered for up to 4 sessions under Basketball England’s insurance (not the club/area/league insurance as this is public liability).

Is an individual covered if they attend a trial/training session without being a BE member? +

A member can attend up to 4 sessions with a club/area/league before they need to register to be a licenced member.  A session would be classed as a trial, a training session or a day of camp. (The camp would have to be not-for-profit).

Does club/area/league insurance cover financial losses? +

Unfortunately, Basketball England cannot cover any financial losses due to coronavirus or our decision to cancel fixtures and affiliated activity. Our insurance policy does not cover losses in relation to these sorts of events and our insurance company have already confirmed they are not willing to provide this level of cover under current circumstances.  If you have a booking or contract with a third party such as a facility provider, we recommend you explain to them the circumstances and request empathy with this situation to recover your costs - this could include a cancellation clause in the booking contract. It’s likely that venues will agree to these conditions.