Area and Local Affiliations



If you run/manage an Area Association and/or Local League, this is the place to affiliate your organisation as well as pay for your affiliation for the season. Below outlines the steps of:

  • Affiliating your Area Association
  • Affiliating your Local League (if this is seperate to the AA)
  • Process for registrars to have access to the portal to ensure checking of licences where needed




Here are the steps for affiliating your Area Association/Local League and Area Registrars to access the portal:

Step 1: Ensure you are a Basketball England member

If you are an existing member, skip to Step 2 once you have renewed your free membership

If you are a new member, sign up here and complete the free membership process


Step 3: Complete and submit an 'Area Registrar Confidentiality Agreement'

If you already completed this in previous seasons, then this does not need to be completed again



Step 2: New Area Associations / Local Leagues must complete the affiliation form as below:

Please check out the guidance and questions asked as part of the affiliation process below. Note - the below form cannot be saved and must be completed in the same session

There is no requirement for existing Area Associations / Local Leagues to complete this.







Step 4: Wait to hear from us

You will receive an email to say you have been approved for affiliation and that the Registrar has been added as admin to the Area/Local League. You will also receive further information with regards to payment for the affiliation.

Note: If more than one person needs access to the area, complete the free membership process and then we can link that account to the area instead.