Here are the steps for Area Registrars to access the portal:


Step 1: Ensure you are a Basketball England member

If you are an existing member, skip to Step 2

If you are a new member, sign up here and pay the £15 membership fee


Step 2: Complete and submit an 'Area Registrar Confidentiality Agreement' before 1st October 2020



Step 3: Complete the '2020/21 Season Payment' form and pay the £60




Step 4: Wait to hear from us

We will email you to say you have been added to the Area as an admin

Note: At the moment, we can only accept one admin per Area.  We are working on increasing this number.

Area Registrar FAQs

Why do registrars need to pay to be a member and what are the benefits? +

Registrars need to be members on the portal so that they can be attached to clubs, teams and the Area Registrar section. Registrars have access to safeguarding advice and policies via Basketball England, as well as insurance and coverage by other Basketball England policies and procedures, with support from our customer service team available via email and telephone.