Here are the steps to become a club administrator/team manager (including renewing your club affiliation):


Step 1: Ensure you are a Basketball England member

If you are an existing member, renew your free membership and then skip to Step 4.  Please use the 'Forgotten these details' function on the portal if you are unable to remember your membership number

If you are a new club administrator, sign up here and complete the free membership process and continue through the steps


Step 2: New Administrators/Team Managers Only - Complete and submit a 'Club Confidentiality Agreement'

Once BE receive the request, we will request approval from existing club administrators within the club

If you were a club administrator or team manager over the last 2 seasons, you do not need to complete this again.

Step 3: Wait to hear from us on whether your request has been successful

Club Administrators - You will receive an automated email to say you have been added to the club as an administrator

Team Managers - Please show an existing club admin a copy of the signed agreement and they can attach you to the relevant teams (a guide on how to do this is below)

Step 4: Log in and manage the club - Club admins only

Log into the portal and in the top right, click on your name and you will be able to manage the club

If you are unable to manage the club, then you need to complete the free membership process first - once completed, this will give you access to manage the club

You will need to pay the Club Affiliation fee to gain full access to the club page

  • Senior Club - £77
  • Senior and Junior Club - £77
  • Junior Club - £61

If you are a National League club, any team entry fees for the season and fines from previous seasons will also need to be paid

Update any club details on the 'Club Overview' as necessary and remember to click 'SAVE' at the bottom of the page


Step 5: Set up a 'Team' in the club

Once the club is unlocked, you can set up any Local League or BUCS teams by clicking on 'Create Team'

If there is an age category not currently available on the list, please select the next available age group up e.g. if the team is U11's mixed, then set the team up as U12's mixed

Local League teams will need to ensure they attach to the relevant affiliated league so that the League Organiser or Area Registrar can see the information at their end too

Note: All National League teams are set up by BE - if any are missing or incorrect, please email [email protected] to get this rectified

Step 6: Adding/Removing Venues

Click on the 'Venues' tab to ensure that the correct venues are attached to the club - the primary venue can also be selected for those clubs who use more than one venue

This feature is still being worked on so if you are unable to locate the venue you need, please email [email protected]

Club Administrator FAQs

Can my club have more than 1 club administrator? +

Yes, please follow the steps above.  Please try to keep club administrators to a minimum and use the Team Manager function instead to restrict data access.

How do I show my licence cards on match day? +

Licence cards will be available to view through the membership portal. There are 3 options for club administrators to choose from:

  • Show licence cards on an electronic device e.g. mobile phone, tablet
  • Screenshot licence cards
  • Print licence cards

Note: If using screenshots or printed licence cards, it is advised that this is done regularly and that the old cards are deleted or disposed of appropriately