Member Insurance

Insurance – what does that mean to me? Well it might seem boring, but it is an essential benefit of your membership with us. It means if there is an accident, you will be covered under the terms of our insurance. It covers clubs, players, coaches, referees and officials.

Below is an outline of what the cover includes and what things you won’t be insured for. Summary documents can be found at the bottom of this page.
If you’ve got any questions about the insurance cover or want a full copy of the policy documents, please contact our membership team or email

Any incident that could give rise to a claim should be reported to Basketball England as soon as possible. Any delay could affect the claim.


As part of the public liability insurance, clubs who are affiliated with us will be insured up to a limit of indemnity of £5 million. This can include claims involving home or away fixtures and social functions and meetings. All people involved within the claim must be registered with us for this insurance to be valid. This cover recognises that a club or any of its registered members could be found to be negligent in their duty to participants, spectators, facility providers or the public and as a result be held legally liable for accidents, injury or damage to property to them

There are some exclusions in this cover, which include participant to participant liability and abuse.

This policy summary does not form part of the policy document and does not contain the full terms of the policy. The full terms of the policy can be found in the policy document. Any questions relating to this insurance should be directed to The date of the policy runs from 1st September annually.  

Coaches, Referees and Table Officials

All registered coaches, referees, table officials and EB approved tutors enjoy public liability and professional indemnity cover, as long as they are a current member of Basketball England and suitably qualified.
This insurance provides cover against legal liability of up to £5 Million per event for Public Liability and £2 Million per event. The Professional Indemnity policy gives cover against legal liability arising from negligent advice or instruction given or a negligent service provided. It’s worth noting that the insurance cover is only valid when playing, coaching or officiating in Basketball England affiliated competitions, games or courses.

There are some situations where the insurance may not be valid, and the principal ones are listed below. For a full list and to discuss an individual case contact our membership team.
•    Qualified coaches and referees under the age of 18 working unsupervised
•    Coaching/teaching of any sport other than basketball
•    Liabilities assumed under contract
•    Injury to any person arising out of and in the course of their employment
•    Commercial coaching
If you’re a commercial coach, you can request additional cover from us to make sure you’re covered. Contact our membership team for more details.
A piece of advice for all Level 1 coaches, referees and those aged under 18; you must be supervised at all times by a Level 2 coach/referee for the cover to be valid. If you are unsupervised, then the claim will not comply with the terms of this policy.


All individuals must be members with us for the below terms to be valid.
The following benefits are automatically provided for individual members injured if you’re training, playing, refereeing, coaching, officiating or tutoring as an approved tutor:-
a) Lump Sum Benefit for Death - £25,000 (£5,000 for U18)
b) Permanent Total Disablement - maximum £25,000
c) Loss of Eyes - maximum £25,000
d) Loss of hearing - maximum £18,750 (£14,062.50 for U18)
e) Contraction of HIV - maximum £2,500
f) Dental and optical treatment - maximum £500 per claim
You also will receive medical expenses up to the cost of £15,000 for anyone of the above. It is important to note, you must be able to prove that the above happened as a result of the individual being involved within basketball.
If you have any questions about individual cases, feel free to call our membership team on 0114 284 1060 or email We will be able to assess your claim and indicate if the insurance will cover you for your personal accident. We can then speak with our insurers, making the process as easy as possible for you.

Top Up Insurance

All members can purchase top up insurance to increase their level of accident cover. For the cost of £20 per senior, and £15 for under 18s, you can upgrade the level of insurance on some of your cover, as well as add in some extra benefits. The details are top up are below:

a) Lump Sum Benefit for Death - £50,000 (£10,000 for U18)
b) Permanent Total Disablement - maximum £25,000
c) Loss of Eyes - maximum £25,000
d) Temporary Total Disablement - maximum £100 per week
e) Medical Benefits - up to 50% of costs
    Physiotherapy Expenses - up to 75% of cost
    *Claimants must be referred by a GP. Excess payable each and every claim £60. Maximum payable each and every claim £500.
f) Injury Assistance Benefit - (Lesser of) 75% of non-medical additional expenses or £30 per day
   *Maximum amount payable £1,500. 14 day excess each and every claim. Pre-existing conditions excluded.
Benefits e) & f) exclude Professional Players & Coaches
You can purchase top up insurance now by including it with your membership, or contact our membership team for more help.
How to claim 

If you wish to claim on your insurance you receive with us, the first thing you need to do is contact us. Once we have the details of the event,  we will make sure your claim is compliant with the terms of our insurance policy and send you an insurance claim form to complete with full details about what to do next.