Here are the steps to purchase your licences:


NOTE: The free membership process must be completed in order to unlock your profile.


Step 1: Log in

If you have forgotten your details, click on 'Forgotten these details'


Step 2: Click on ‘LICENCES’

Note: Your free membership will automatically appear in the basket if you haven't already renewed it


Step 3: Click 'ADD LICENCE(S)'

Step 4: Select the licence(s) you require 

Repeat this for all licences required

To ensure you purchase the correct licences, click here

Note: your new licences will appear as of 1st September

For junior National League players, keep the Division as 'Any/Not Applicable'

For all WBBL & BBL licences, please click here.


Step 5: Select payment method and click 'Checkout' 

REMINDER: Any licences sent to the club for payment will be lost if you leave the club at any time and will need to be re-purchased

Step 6: Click on 'ELIGIBILITY' and complete any outstanding requirements

Please upload as many of the documents you can so that BE can then verify them.  If you have any issues uploading documents, then please email them to

BE will aim to action any outstanding eligibility within 10 business days

Multiple Roles

If any member purchases multiple licences, the basket will automatically charge the highest amount.

Note that if one licence product is refunded, they will all need to be refunded and the licences will need to be purchased again so that the system can re-calculate any discounts.



Complete this checklist to ensure you are ready for the season: