Membership Forms and Guidance

This page provides members with a selection of guides to registering as local league club, as a University playing BUCS basketball or as an individual. There's also a number of other handy documents such as a list of our area registrars and how you can contact them when you come to pay for your registrations, or what you need to do to affiliate your league or Association with us!

Club Secretaries Guide

If you're a club secretary and need to register local league participants, you might find use in our club secretaries guide. With tips and screen shots from signing in to finishing your membership, this guide is useful for anyone looking for stress-free registrations!

BUCS Registration Guide

If you are a University entering the BUCS competition, the way you can register your members with Basketball England is a little different. Please take a look at the BUCS specific registration guide for everything that you will need to know.

Associations & Leagues Affiliation Form

If a league or Association wishes to be affiliated to Basketball England, we need you to complete an affiliation form. To discuss becoming a registered league or Association, please contact

Area Registrars

When you have submitted your registration form, you will need to pay your local area registrar before you are given a licence number and become a Basketball England member. It's often a good idea to contact your Area Registrar to let them know you have submitted a form and to ask how best to send payment. Many registrars can accept payments made online, so to check and find out the bank details you'll need, take a look at our list of registrars and their contact details!