Member Insurance FAQs

I am a Level 2 coach and I run a coaching session for my club. Most of the players are registered with BE but some players just turn up and are not registered. Am I still covered while coaching these unaffiliated players?
The standard cover provided for coaches registered with us includes the coaching of Basketball England registered members in a Club environment. Obviously the Club will want to attract new members, who will want to try the sport before committing to full membership of the Club and us. Standard cover allows for potential new members to attend four "taster" sessions, before committing to membership. After the four taster sessions, they are expected to become members with us if they wish to continue to train. The "potential new members" are not covered by the Personal Accidents (PA) insurances until they become full members with us. They will be covered as Temporary Members for the Public Liability/Professional Indemnity for the four taster sessions only. Coaching "potential new members" in these circumstances does NOT invalidate the Club's or the coaches’ insurance.
I am a Level 2 coach and volunteer at my local youth centre running a session every week and not many of the players are BE registered. Am I covered by the BE insurance?
Within the existing terms and conditions of the PL/PI Insurance, coaches are covered to teach students that are not members with us in the following circumstances:-
1.    Community Coaching;
2.    After School Clubs;
3.    Community Projects;
4.    Other scenarios with prior agreement of insurers.
These activities are deemed to be "non profit making ventures", however, Coaches are permitted to receive reasonable out of pocket expenses for such classes, provided this is not the instructors primary source of income. The policy will indemnify the coach only - there is no cover for the students or the community group providing the classes.
I am a qualified coach and I go into schools and get paid to deliver coaching? Am I covered by your insurance?
NO! Coaches sub-contracted into a third party premises (Schools; Leisure Centres; Adult Education etc.) as a commercial venture, to teach non-Basketball England members are NOT covered by the standard policy.
I am a Level 1 qualified coach and I run a basketball coaching session on my own. Do I need a Level 2 coach present or will a responsible adult do? Am I covered?
Level 1 coaches are deemed Assistant Coaches and not deemed suitably qualified to run a session on alone. Level 1 coaches should be supervised by a Level 2 coach when coaching otherwise, you will not be covered.
I have a business providing basketball coaching to schools, community centres, etc. Does the BE insurance cover me for my business?
NO! Coaches sub-contracted into a third party premises (Schools; Leisure Centres; Adult Education etc.) as a commercial venture, to teach non-Basketball England members are NOT covered by the standard policy.
I'm currently doing my Level 2 coaching qualification so I'm not yet qualified. Does your insurance cover me for the practical sessions I am required to do in order to gain my qualification?
As long as your sessions have a level 2 coach present, you are still covered.

I am a non-English coach and I have a high level non-English coaching qualification. Am I covered by your insurance?
NO! Coaches and officials holding foreign qualifications must consult with our coaching and officiating experts to determine whether their foreign qualification is the equivalent to our Level 2. If it is they will be classified as a Level 2 coach/official and will therefore be covered by the insurance. Contact our coaching and officiating team.
I am a Basketball England qualified coach and/or official and plan to coach and/or officiate in Europe. Will my insurance be valid overseas?
The cover is subject to UK jurisdiction, so any actions against you will have to be brought in the UK Courts in order for the policy to respond. You also need to check that the country in which you are coaching/officiating recognizes our qualification. We would recommend you purchase cover from the National Governing Body within the country that you are coaching.
We run an out of season player's camp to raise funds for our club. We use players to coach on the camp. Is the club covered / are the players insured?
Provided the camps are not residential and those attending the camp are registered members with us, or attending a taster session and the coaches/player coaches donate their time as volunteers, this activity would be covered by our Insurance. Players coaching at the camps would be covered provided they are supervised by a Level 2 coach.
I am registered as a player for a team in the national league and help coach at my child's after school club. Am I insured if I have a Level 2 or above coach award?
NO! As you are registered with us as a player only, you are not insured to coach. This is the same for officiating. If you are actively coaching or officiating you must register as a coach/official in order to receive the appropriate cover. Registered players can 'top up' their membership by completing a registration form online and paying the coach/official top up insurance fee.
I tutor technical award courses but have not registered as a coach am I covered when I deliver a course?
NO! All coach/official tutors should be registered. Register here.
I coach an U16 team and often join in the train with them to make numbers up. Am I covered?
This isn’t good practice. Coaches shouldn’t participate of train with U18’s and you wouldn’t be covered if you did this. It doesn’t affect the demonstration of skills or drills.

What insurance do I receive as a Basketball England registered level 2 coach or official?

You are provided with public liability cover with a limit of up to £5 million, and professional indemnity cover with a limit of up to £2m, for your actions as a coach and/or official.

And what does is the difference between that cover?

The basic difference between the two classes of insurance is this –

  1. Professional Indemnity – if bodily injury is caused because BE’s general practices, procedures and/or operational instructions have not kept up-to-date with the standard of care expected, or are incorrectly drawn up, then a claim may be valid under this policy.
  2. Public Liability – if bodily injury is caused by the negligent execution of BE’s general practices, procedures and/or operational instructions before a match, at a match, or whilst training, by BE’s employees or agents (coaches and officials), then a claim may be valid under this insurance.

I officiate in a league where some clubs are registered and some are not. Therefore not all the players are registered with you. Does your insurance cover me for these games?
Refereeing in games when you are aware that some players are not registered with us is in breach of the our Rules & Regulations and therefore invalidates the insurance coverage.
If an unlicensed player causes an injury to another player during a game where does the liability lie for that injury? Is it with the referee for allowing them to play in the game? And If an unlicensed player becomes injured in a game does the liability lie with the referee again for allowing them to play in the game?
Provided the referees make an effort to check that all players are registered with us (in accordance with BE rules) before a game and checking licences is a good way of doing this, then they have discharged their duty in this respect. If it transpires that players are playing under a false licence or a false name, this is a deliberate act by the club and they will be deemed responsible for the unlicensed player's actions during the game. The critical factor is whether the referee was aware that unlicensed players are taking part in the game. If they knowingly allow this to happen, then that in itself is a negligent act and liability for injury caused by the unlicensed player to another licensed player could attach to the referee.

I'm currently doing my Level 2 referee qualification so I'm not yet qualified. Does the insurance cover me for the practical sessions I am required to do in order to gain my qualification?

As long as these practical sessions are being supervised by a Level 2 or above referee, cover is maintained.

I am an under 18 Level 1 referee/table official - am I insured? And I am an under 18 Level 2 referee/table official - am I insured?
All officials under the age of 18 (Level 1 or 2) must be supervised by an adult Level 2 official.
I am running a fund raising event for the club that involves an outdoor 3 v 3 basketball tournament and cheerleading. Is the club covered?
Fund raising events are normally covered by the PL/PI policy, however, the club should check that any organisation brought in to perform or provide entertainment has their own PL insurance that is checked by the club. For example the cheerleading troupe will probably be covered by the British Cheerleading Association, but the Club should ask for sight of their PL insurance policy.
With regard to the tournament:-

1.     Member Closed Tournaments: BE Member Clubs arranging closed tournaments exclusively for BE Member Clubs in accordance with BE Rules and Regulations are covered. Referees/officials have PL/PI cover to referee/officiate, provided that they are suitably qualified and authorised by BE.

2.     Open Competitions Organised by BE Members: BE Member Clubs arranging "Open" tournaments can extend the PL/PI & PA Insurances to cover the Event at an additional fee per non-BE Member Club competing. This will be deemed to grant them temporary membership of BE for the period of the tournament and therefore covered by the BE insurances for that period. All "temporary" members must acknowledge and abide by the Rules and Regulations of BE. Cover will need to be arranged by the Tournament Organisers prior to the Event taking place with a declaration of the expected number of "temporary members" competing and an adjustment if necessary after the event. A Competitor Register will need to be submitted.

We are a club playing in a league and we have found out not every club is affiliated. Does our club affiliation insurance still cover us?
This should be reported to us as soon as you find out as it  does potentially invalidates the insurance coverage for clubs, coaches, referees & officials.
The club provides transport to away games, is there any insurance options that could cover us?
The Personal Accident Insurance provides a benefit for club members injured whilst travelling to or back from games as part of a transit organised by the Club.
I have twisted my knee and the doctor says I need physio. Can I claim on the insurance offered by you for the physio treatment?
If you have purchased the Top-Up PA Cover, then yes, subject to the limits, terms and conditions of the policy. For a specific case please contact our membership team.
I have injured my hand while playing and the doctor has said I need surgery. I need the surgery as soon as possible so I can get back to work and also continue to play. The waiting list is 6 months for NHS and the cost to get private medical care is £2000. Can I claim on the BE insurance for the cost of private treatment?
If you have purchased the PA Top Up Cover you will be able to claim a proportion of the cost. The maximum pay out under the medical expenses section is £500. For details on a specific case please contact our membership team.
I have an existing injury and need physio treatment is this covered by the BE Top Up Insurance?
Unfortunately if it is a pre-existing condition, this is not covered in the insurance.
Does the Basketball England Top Up insurance provide cover for a private MRI scan?
The policy cover for medical expenses is to pay non-NHS expenses necessarily incurred. If a Medical Practitioner recommends an MRI scan but the waiting time is excessive members can apply to insurers to claim a contribution to the costs of a private MRI scan, but any payment is at the discretion of the insurer. For details on a specific case please contact our membership team.
We are running a one off basketball event but are not affiliated to you. We need Insurance and would like to be affiliated and use your logo. Can we affiliate to BE and receive the insurance cover?
Yes - but you need to affiliate and pay the appropriate fees prior to the event which includes the 'temporary affiliation' for all non registered participants attending. You will also need to run the tournament using qualified referees and officials registered to us.
When does the Basketball England insurance cover start and end?
All insurance cover starts on September 1 and runs for 12 months. So your insurance cover expires on August 31.
Additional information - BE Standard Coach Liability Insurance: The policy provides a limit of indemnity of £5m for Public Liability and £2m for Professional Indemnity. The title of the Insured includes all registered Clubs; Qualified Coaches/Referee/Officials; Senior Members; & Junior Members. The insured activities include; playing, coaching & officiating basketball in BE sanctioned matches and tournaments; club coaching to BE members; community coaching (community coaching is defined as "not for profit" coaching).
Commercial Coaching (defined as coaching non-BE members for profit either to the Club or Coach) is NOT covered by the policy and the Club should purchase additional Public Liability insurance to cover this activity. The additional cover is usually rated on turnover so if you can provide an income figure generated from Commercial Coaching.