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Membership FAQ

I can sign in to the membership area. Am I a Registered Member of Basketball England?
No. This does not mean that you are a member. In order to become a member, you must create a registration form through your membership area and follow the registration instructions that follow.

I have submitted my registration form. Am I now a Registered Member of Basketball England?
No. Only once your submitted registration form has been reconciled by Basketball England or a local registrar and you have been assigned a licence number, are you a member.

Can I register with Basketball England without doing it online?
No, all registrations are administered online so that we can provide a quick and efficient service for all our members.

Can I sign in as an individual and join a club?
Yes. When you fill an Online Registration Form, you can select the club you wish to join. The Club Administrator will be notified and either accept or reject your request to join the club.

Some individuals do not have a licence number. Why is this?
This is because they have not had a licence number assigned to them yet. Only when an individual is registered will they have a licence number assigned to them.

How long are my registrations valid for?
Registrations are valid from the date you submit with payment your registration form until the end of each season. The Basketball England season runs from September 1st through to August 31st. All registrations expire at the end of August.

I am signed in as an individual. On my Home Page I can see that I have registrations but when I go to view my Registration Forms, none are listed.
When signed in as an individual, you can only see Registration Forms that have been created by you. One of the clubs you belong to would have registered you on your behalf which is why they show up on your Home Page.

I have submitted and paid for my registration how long will it take to be processed?
Basketball England aim to process online registrations within 24hours between Monday and Friday. Registrations submitted during the weekend will be processed on Monday. Registrations submitted to areas associations may take a little longer depending on the payment method.

I filled an online registration form and I have not had any response from Basketball England or my Area Association.
First check you have clicked the submit button on the registration form. Then contact Basketball England membership team.

Can we pay for our registrations online?
If registering directly with Basketball England clubs and individuals can pay online. Some areas do allow clubs to submit registrations then pay via online banking direct into the Associations account. Most clubs have a cheque book therefore this is the system currently used.

Instead of picking one player at a time to register, can we select all those for which details have not changed and register them in one block?
While block registering existing individuals would save time it would not ensure that members details are up to date. It is important to us that we have the up to date contact details of our members including email, and postal addresses each season.

My registration form has a balance of -£3.00 what does this mean?
Any balance with a minus sign means you are in credit therefore -£3.00 would mean you are in credit by £3.

Our registration form shows an Overall Balance of -£5.00 what does this mean?
The Overall Balance is the running balance for the season and will include any credits or debts from all registration forms submitted.Any balance with a minus sign means you are in credit therefore -£5.00 would mean you are in credit by £5.
If the Overall Balance was £5 this would mean you owed £5.

Can I change my password?
Individuals can change their password by viewing their profile and selecting the Preferences tab and clicking Reset Password. The password can then be changed to something more memorable.

I am an individual and I can't seem to sign in to my personal membership area?
All you need to sign in with is a valid email address and a password. If you have forgotten your password then you can request a reminder. We will send you a temporary password to your email account which you can sign in with. You can then change your password once signed in or keep the one supplied to you. It may be that there is no record of an email address with your account in which case you will need to contact your club administrator who can sign in and update your details or contact us directly.

Why can't I change qualification details?
All qualifications are awarded upon an individual passing an approved course. We keep all records of the courses and their participants and whether they passed or not. We will update this for you. If you find that some of the details are incomplete or not up to date, then please contact us with the qualification type, level and course code of the course you passed and we shall ammend your records accordingly.


Someone has requested they join our club. What shall I do?
You will be notified that someone wishes to join your club when you are signed in and on the Home Page of your club membership area. If you know this person, you may accept them into your club, or reject them from joining your club. England Basketball will not be a part in this process. It is a decision that a club administrator will make.

I am a Club Secretary and I can't seem to sign in to the membership Area?
You need to choose to sign in as a Club Secretary or Administrator and enter in your Club Reference Code. If you do not know your Club Reference Code, please contact the membership team. All you need to sign in with is a valid email address and a password. If you have forgotten your password then you can request a reminder. We will send you a temporary password to your email account which you can sign in with. You can then change your password once signed in or keep the one supplied to you.

Why can't I change the first name, surname or date of birth individuals part of my club?
It is a rare occasion that these details should ever change once they are entered. If they are incorrect though, we can change them for you. Simply email the membership department with your request.

I am a Club Administrator. Why can't I edit some of my own clubs details?
Club names can only be edited by Basketball England to protect the club's identity. Your club name may be visible to the public and should only be changed once approved by Basketball England.
The club type is set by Basketball England if a club meets certain conditions of membership. It is easier for Basketball England to make that decision on the clubs behalf rather than a club having to understand these criteria.
The Area is set by Basketball England because it might not be obvious to you what Area your club belongs to. We have to check this information anyway.
The Voting Representative is an individual who represents your club vote when voting issues arise with England Basketball. There is a form that must be signed and sent in to Basketball England before we can assign a voting representative.

Why can't I change the Team category when editing the teams in my club?
It is highly unlikely that once the team category is initially set, that it will change at a later date. It can be set when adding a team but not when editing a team.

Why can I not see all individuals who are part of my club when I choose to view members?
Up to 200 individuals will be displayed in the list at any one time. You can view filtered lists of individuals by using the filter options to the side of the list.

Can we print our club certificate to confirm we are registered and insured?
Once you have registered your club and payment has been received the registration form will be reconciled. A Print Club Certificate button will then appear in the Club Details page. Only when the registration form is reconciled will you be able to print the certificate.

Why do I have to enter my club code, email and password?
The reason for using a club code and email is that individuals often have different roles within basketball. They may be an administrator for more than one club or organisation therefore,the unique club code is required to ensure administrators are signed in to the correct club.

Why can't I use the same email address for each member of my family?
Email addresses must be unique to each individual to allow them to sign in to our system. If a family has one email address then as long as one member has the email address they will receive all communication from Basketball England.

Can the system remember my sign in details to enable us to sign in quicker?
The sign in page will includes a 'Remember Me' option for registrars, club administrators and individuals.