Here are the steps to become a free BE member:


Step 1: Sign up

Click here to access the membership portal to sign up


Step 2: Complete the sign up page

If a member is under 18, the system will ask for the person with parental responsibility details but the child's DOB should be entered in first


Step 3: Click on 'Join and Proceed to Checkout' and complete the free member checkout


Step 4: Tick the boxes and click 'Checkout'

Follow any instructions on the screen

Note: you will have received an email to verify your email address


Next Steps:

If you are a player or coach, you now need to speak to your club about any licences that you need to purchase.

If you are an official, you can work through the steps to purchase licences.

For further information on licence purchases, click here.

Note: Membership do not have insurance cover