3 new staff for Team England, plus Ashton Khan added to November camp roster

  • Mark Lloyd, Paddy Waplington and Peter Thain join HC Andreas Kapoulas, Assistants Alan Keane, James Vear on Team England Men's staff

  • Worcester's Ashton Khan called up to attend November camp


It’s been a busy few weeks for Team England as the Men’s staff has now been boosted by 3 key additions. Experienced Team Manager Mark Lloyd has been appointed, as has Strength and Conditioning Coach Paddy Waplington. Peter Thain is the final piece to Coach Kapoulas' staff; he will take up the role of Physio for the Men’s team.


With the news that Leicester’s Keifer Douse is unable to attend the upcoming camp, Kapoulas has acted fast to call on the services of Worcester’s Ashton Khan (pictured). The 26-year-old guard will join up with the rest of the squad on Sunday for the 1st of Team England’s 2 camps before next April’s Games.


For more on each of the staff appointments including some insight into the jobs they do, as well as the updated list of player’s attending the Team England camp, click the links below.


Photo credit Linda Marshall