76th Basketball England AGM - Voting Announcement

Further to the previous advanced notice for the 76th Basketball England AGM, the Executive Board have now confirmed they will not co-opt a temporary member of their choosing in order to fulfil specific requirements for skills under the new Code for Sports Governance. This decision to open the position of Elected Director to nominations was taken in line with good practice, transparency and the New Governance Code. 

Basketball England will be operating a new, online voting system for both the nomination and casting of votes relating to this position this year. To view the Directors Roles and Responsibilities document, please click HERE. The Basketball England Articles of Association are also included on the same page for reference. The criteria for a nomination is specific based upon the skills required for the Board under the new Code for Sport Governance, and will be strictly adhered to.

If you wish to nominate someone for the position, the form required can be found by clicking HERE. Details of how to return completed nominations can be found on the form itself.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 1st September 2017. Voting will then begin on Monday 11th September 2017. More information on potential candidates and the voting procedure will be issued once the deadline for nominations has passed.

We hope you will find this new way of nominating and voting more efficient, transparent and user friendly as we strive to take Basketball England into the highest governance standards for sport.