Basketball England attains new Code for Sports Governance

Following a recent release by Sport England, Basketball England is pleased to announce that we have met all the requirements to attain the new Code for Sports Governance, the “gold standard” for governance requirements in sport.

The new code was made live by Sport England in April 2017 and contains important changes that bodies must adhere to in order to continue receiving public funding. These included:

  • Greater transparency, to help fans and those taking part better-understand the decision-making of those leading their sports
  • Reforms to board memberships, including at least 25% independent members
  • Commitments to greater diversity, including at least 30% of each gender on boards
  • Establishing boards as the ultimate decision-making authority within a sport rather than traditional councils
  • Tighter term limits for board and council members to ensure a regular renewal of ideas and expertise.

“This is a very significant achievement for sport as a whole,” said Sport England Chief Executive Jennie Price.  “Improved standards of governance will benefit the millions of people who play or give their time to sport every week.”

All the sports that have passed the required standard will also have to ensure that they continue to remain compliant with the Code. Basketball England are in the process of creating action plans to ensure this occurs, particularly relating to diversity. Sport England will continue to work closely with us and other sports to support and monitor this progress in the months and years ahead.

Together with UK Sport, Sport England consulted over 200 organisations on what should be included in the code over summer 2016, and found strong support for higher standards of governance. 98% of those asked agreed that councils in sports bodies should be more transparent and 78% agreed that there needs to be increased diversity in organisations receiving public funding. The code isn’t a barrier to organisations obtaining public funding and many of the requirements build on things already being done within the sector.

Basketball England’s Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance Melissa Hague said “This is a major achievement for Basketball England and required a complete review of governance at Board, operational and strategic levels. Meeting the standard is the beginning, now we will continue to work hard to maintain this achievement and build upon these standards to implement them at grassroots level and throughout the organisation. Strong governance gives Basketball England a firm foundation to serve its members, funding bodies and stakeholders.”