Basketball England seeks feedback on member contributions to support the Senior and Age Group GB teams

Following on from last week’s call for feedback on a potential new Inclusion and Access fund, Basketball England is seeking further feedback and consultation regarding another upcoming development for our members.

Potential member contributions to support the Senior and Age Group GB teams

The British Basketball Federation (BBF) is the organisation that runs the GB basketball teams, and we as Basketball England are the members and owners of the BBF along with Scotland and Wales. Following a meeting between the Sports Minister, funders and the main basketball bodies across Britain, it was clear that if the BBF was to receive any kind of financial help, we needed to have a sustainable plan that keep teams playing on court and created a stable base to build from.

Typically, sports receive support from UK Sport and commercial sources, like sponsors.  At the moment, because of the way government funding is organised there is no clear way for basketball to access regular funding. The BBF has historically received ad hoc funding both from ourselves and from government, but we need to help put it on a sound and sustainable footing with a regular income. One potential area of funding to help achieve this is to ask our members to contribute financially to the running of our Senior and Age Group GB teams. Providing the proposal to contribute funding is put to our members correctly at our AGM and proper consultation has been carried out, this is an idea we would endorse.

We are pleased that within the BBF, we are moving to reduce overhead costs and available funds will first and foremost be used to keep players on court. That is why we now feel the time is right to gauge our member’s thoughts on this subject.

When considering what the GB teams need for next year, a figure of between £150,000 and £200,000 will help to enable all our teams to compete next season, seniors as well as Under 16, Under 18 and Under 20 teams. That is our goal. Alongside any amount contributed, the Home Countries and the BBL will be working together on securing other sources of funding.

We are very conscious about affordability for the community game and we know this is a very sensitive subject. This proposal is not an imposition, we really do want your views and feedback on this matter so that any potential solution is right for both the community game as well as the elite end of the sport.

Purpose of this consultation

  • To ask the Basketball England members their views on making a yearly contribution to British Basketball to enable our GB teams to prepare and compete in international competition.
  • To gather feedback on the appropriate level of contribution that could be made to British Basketball.
  • To allow our members to consider if all Basketball England members should contribute financially, or if some should be exempt.
  • To gather feedback and share the overall thoughts of members with everyone so we can work together to enable our GB teams prepare and compete in international competition.

What will happen next

The feedback from this consultation will be shared with the Basketball England Board in August so they can consider member opinion when discussing the matter. We will then communicate publicly the feedback we have received by late August. This is a matter that will be discussed at the Basketball England AGM on 1 September 2018. We will be asking membership to take a vote on what contribution, if any, will be made to the GB teams. The feedback gathered from this consultation will be vital to that vote.

The outcome from this consultation and the decision taken at our AGM will then be used by the BBF going forward to discuss how a stable financial base for the sport could be constructed.


The deadline for providing feedback is 10:00am on Monday 6 August 2018.