Basketball England's coverage of the Commonwealth Games

We’re a week out from Team England’s first match at this year’s Commonwealth Games and we’ve got all the coverage you’ll need before, during and after the tournament.

In the coming days, we’ll have a range of content for fans to enjoy. We’ll have interviews with some of the men and women representing Team England to find out how they got into the game, where they started and how they managed to get to where they are now. Our social media channels are already full of awesome content involving the players and staff out in Australia so use the links below to take a look at our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Before each game that Team England plays we’ll have a detailed preview on our opponents, quotes from the players on how they think things will go and an overview of the tournament so far, and don’t forget game recaps! We’ll cover each game once it’s over, bringing you the key moments, big plays, photographs, quotes and more, no matter what time of day!

If you want to send your good luck messages to the teams over in Australia, head over to our social media channels and use the hashtag #TogetherWeAreBasketbALL. We’ll make sure the players and staff get all the messages and can see how the basketball community are coming together to support their efforts.

We’re going to be following Team England on the court, off the court, at practice, at breakfast, you name it we’ll bring it to you! Here are some key dates for you, with tip times in BST for the UK:

Thursday 5 April – England’s Men v Scotland - 8:30am

Friday 6 April – England’s Women v Canada – 9:30am

Saturday 7 April – England’s Men v India – 8:30am

Sunday 8 April– England’s Women v Mozambique – 2:30am

Sunday 8 April – England’s Men v Cameroon – 5:00am

Monday 9 April – England’s Women v Australia – 8:30am

Tuesday 10 April – Semi Final Qualifying Rounds – 8:30am/9:30am/11:00am/12:00pm

Friday 13 April – Women’s Semi Finals – 9:30am/12:00pm

Saturday 14 April – Men’s Semi Finals – 1:00am/3:30am

Saturday 14 April – Women’s Bronze Medal Game – 9:00am

Saturday 14 April – Women’s Gold Medal Game – 11:30am

Sunday 15 April – Men’s Bronze Medal Game – 12:00am

Sunday 15 April – Men’s Gold Medal Game – 2:30am

So while we gear up for April 5th, why not take a look at some of the Team England news and features we’ve already published, and don’t forget to follow our social media channels!