East Region Club Focus Group

Stewart Kellett - Basketball England Chief Executive
Jon Stonebridge - Basketball England Senior Relationship & Co-ordinator Manager
Angela Griffin - East Region Chair

East Region Chair Angela Griffin welcomed Basketball England CEO Stewart Kellett & Basketball England Relationship & Coordinator Manager Jon Stonebridge to The East Region Club focus Group Meeting.

22 people attended a very positive East Region Club Engagement Meeting using a range of questions about ‘life in clubs’ and an assessment of the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats amongst the clubs. Owing to the variations in geography, travel time, demographics and playing/club infrastructure, there was no universal solution to matters across the region. However, there is lots of evidence of successful ways in which clubs have developed the sport locally and contributed to player, coach and officials development that can be applied to support clubs going forward.

We also shared ideas and successes on how clubs and BE can: 
- grow player, coach and officials recruitment
- grow the women’s and girl’s game
- drive up participation locally through promoting CVL models more using clubs and CVL models for coach and officials     development
- influence facility costs by influencing sports centre providers and schools with a partnership approach
- use BE to endorse the club contributions locally and help them influence schools to discount facilities based on the value of   the club in the community
- improve communication between BE, Regions, County Associations and local clubs
- use role models from clubs to influence others
- share more good practice on growing the sport, especially where there is proven success – Ipswich Basketball club cited as a model
- clubs and individuals networking and helping each other more to take advantage of the ideas and knowledge in the region
meet again to share how things can be developed

The purpose of the meeting was held to understand the challenges and opportunities for clubs in running and developing their clubs. Basketball England can then consider these matters and consider how the governing body can help you as we design support for clubs going forward.

The meeting was broken into short segments to be able to look at some specific elements of basketball and running clubs. The structure below was designed to help everyone at the meeting have a focus on key topics that are important to the club and BE. The headings and questions stimulated feedback and ideas on how we can help each other moving forward.

The initial part of the meeting asked clubs to think about their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Challenges. Following the discussions, we then looked at other key areas:
- Recruiting and retaining players
- Recruiting and developing coaches
- Recruiting and developing officials
- Recruiting, supporting and developing volunteers
- Running your club well and safely
- BE Developments, support take away point and actions

The meeting was very positive and a great success that will be repeated

Thank you to Stewart & Jon for coming and to University of Hertfordshire Sports Village for the availability of the conference room