Feedback required on new Basketball England funding scheme, update available on Women and Girls campaign

Basketball England is seeking feedback and consultation regarding upcoming work to benefit those who are involved in the sport. Ahead of the 2018/19 season, a number of areas have been identified as priorities within the game by our members. Below is some further information and a call to action for initial feedback on one of our plans.

Consultation on an Inclusion and Access Fund

As the cost of facilities, running clubs and travel all increase, we have received feedback about the affordability of basketball and the difficulties young people face when the cost of playing regularly becomes a barrier. As the Governing body for the sport, Basketball England is committed to growing basketball, making it more accessible and tackling inequalities in the game. In partnership with the club network we would like to help address this by introducing a new fund related to improving accessibility through a new small grants programme. Related to this will be support services that can help clubs and their young members to get involved and play basketball.

We are currently seeking feedback in relation to the outline of the small grants fund, which will be administered and funded by Basketball England, to help those people who need help the most. The working title is the “Basketball England Inclusion and Access Fund”.

We have a number of ideas relating to this fund and how it could operate going forward. For the purposes of this consultation and the feedback form we’ve created, we have tried to provide a broad outline without going into too much detail. Hopefully this will allow our members to provide their own thoughts without too much of a steer as to what they may wish to tell us.

Purpose of this consultation

  • To engage Basketball England members on how best to assist young players who find it difficult to afford to play regularly.
  • To use the feedback to inform the approach to tackling affordability, particularly for those young people who are disadvantaged the most in terms of being able to afford to participate.
  • To consider a range of ideas, including but not limited to, a small grants programme for those who are most in need of support.
  • To gather the feedback and share the overall thoughts of members with everyone so we can work together to help players access and stay involved with our sport.
  • Some clubs have been very successful at fund raising and attracting grants, so we are asking clubs to share these opportunities as part of the consultation. 

What will happen next

The feedback we gather will be shared with the Basketball England Board in August and we will generate a range of ideas and options based on what we receive.

We will then communicate the findings and ideas for implementation by September with a view to trialling the fund during the 2018/19 season. We may also set up an Advisory Group to assess the feasibility and affordability of any proposals.

Whilst developing this fund with our members, we will also be asking and researching other funding opportunities that can assist clubs and the affordability of the sport in general. If the pilot is successful, we will seek to develop this idea as an annual fund going forward.


The deadline for providing feedback is 10:00am on Monday 6 August 2018.

Women and Girls Campaign to grow participation, coaching and officiating

In the coming weeks, we will be publishing more details on our women and girls campaign to grow the sport and start tackling the gap between male and female participation. Basketball England is committed to working with all our clubs on the design and implementation of this campaign, and we’re also getting feedback from the education sector and other partners to address the barriers to participation. By taking this approach, we feel we can make a difference to how women and girls access the sport in the short, medium and long term.

We have received a lot of positive feedback so far about how to do this and we are going to be consulting with our members for ideas and good practice in the near future. A lot of information has already been gathered over the last 18 months but we want to kick on in this area and open the process up to a much wider audience.

At the recent East Region club focus group meeting this week, a part of the country with some very strong female programmes, good practice examples for female participation and development were highlighted. We will be consulting more clubs and coaches about what works for them as we design the campaign. Similar feedback was offered at a recently attended WBBL meeting and we already have five club representatives wishing to work more closely with us on this campaign.

We anticipate a huge interest in what we are going to launch and we have already spoken to a number of stakeholders to support this. Current campaigns like THIS GIRL CAN and organisations like Sport England are obvious choices to try and align with and we’ll be working on those leads in the near future. We’ll have more on our campaign and how our members and clubs can be involved in the coming weeks.