Finalised Changes for the 2018/19 NBL Season

Following a productive consultation period, Basketball England is now pleased to announce the finalised list of changes for the 2018-19 season.

The engagement we have received is very important to us. We can better shape the league and provide the services needed if we know more about what you want from our competitions. The consultation and ideas for change were based on feedback and research undertaken throughout the last 12 months, leading to us suggesting a number of important changes for the NBL. Some of these changes have now been finalised, and some have been amended based on the feedback we have received.

The way we have assessed the feedback received and made conclusions to help shape next season is based on how the changes proposed help to improve the NBL. These are based on a number of key principles. These are:

  • To continually improve the quality of experience for all players, parents, clubs, coaches, officials and volunteers in the game
  • Create a thriving league that fulfils the right level of competition for all ages and levels
  • Provide competitive opportunities at a more local level where possible, building towards more accessibility to games as we develop and grow the national, regional and local league and competition structures
  • Adjust and improve structures and competition opportunities to support the development of players, coaches and officials
  • Use the competition structures and allied participation campaigns to attract more young people to basketball, with a particular emphasis on increasing female participation
  • Govern and service the leagues and competitions in an effective and efficient way, providing easy to access information and services from Basketball England staff and online tools
  • Respond to the opinion and needs of our clubs wherever practicable in the knowledge that different clubs have different needs and constraints and whilst we can’t satisfy every specific need, we can get more consensus on the things that can be changed for the better

There are now three ways that we are feeding back the conclusions of the recent consultation period. Firstly, there is a document of finalised changes, the rationale for each change, the feedback we have received and any further suggestions. That document has been linked at the bottom of this page. Secondly, any member or member club that emailed us during the consultation period will receive a direct response to their questions within the next ten working days. This will either be via return email, or telephone, depending on the nature of the feedback. Finally, any aspect of feedback that we received that doesn’t relate to the NBL consultation directly, we will still respond to within the next ten working days.

This initial consultation period will be the first in a number of feedback and consultation windows throughout upcoming NBL seasons. For day to day feedback please contact us on When planning for the 2019/20 season, this process will begin significantly earlier in the calendar and we’ll have more information on that in early 2019.

The entry period for the 2018/19 National League season is still open and will run until 09:00am on 13 June 2018. For any queries on NBL entries, please email