Game Day, NBL Results and Assignr

Game Day and NBL Results

To input your NBL results on the Game Day platform, you'll need to do the following:

• Go to
• Log in using the same email and password you use to log into the membership portal
• Click on “Today’s Games” in the menu at the top-right of the screen
• Here will be listed all of the games for that day which you have access to enter the score for
• If no games are found, this may be because you have not been given access to edit a team’s results or because your team does not have a home game listed for that day (please be aware that the day’s games are only available up until midnight)
• If you can see the game you wish to update, click ‘Add Result’
• Once you have accessed the game you wish to update, you will need to enter a Status, e.g. ‘Result’, ‘OT Result’, ‘Postponed’
• You can then enter the game result information (final score and quarter scores) and the top three scorers for senior games
• To finish updating the game, make sure you scroll right down to the bottom and click ‘Save’, otherwise the information you have entered will be lost


To check which officials have been appointed to your Senior NBL games, you can log in and see this information on Assignr:

• Go to
• Log in with the log in details provided to you by Basketball England. If you do not have any sign in details, please email us by clicking HERE.
• Click on ‘Games’ in the table located on the left side of the page

Click on ‘My Games’ when the drop down menu appears

A list of your games will appear, you will be able to search for any specific game by entering the team name in the search box located on the top right corner of this page

• On each fixture, you will see the assigned referee name on the right hand side of the fixture.
• If the referee has a tick displayed, this means the referee has confirmed that he/she will officiate the game. If a blue circle appears with a question mark inside, this means the referee has yet to confirm.
• By clicking on the referee’s name you will be directed to the referee’s contact details page in which you can view the referee’s email address, contact number and the status in regards to officiating the game.

Referees are typically confirmed on the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the game, so please be sure to check this weekly.