Important Information for Officials

Important Information for Officials 

With the National League and cup competitions well underway, we would like to share with you some key pieces of information to assist you in your role as an official.

2017/18 Changes to the Official Rules of Basketball 

*Basketball England recently sent a summary document relating to the new FIBA rules, which were introduced for the 2017-18 season*

Below you will find further clarity on each of the rules and how Basketball England will adopt them:

Summary of rules

  • Art. 7.1 - Duties of the Coach. For Basketball England competitions teams are required to present their team list at least 20 minutes before the scheduled tip time and not the 40 minutes indicated in the new rules.

  • Art 4.4 - Basketball England will not be enforcing this rule in the case of compression sleeves – players can wear any colour of sleeves and socks they do not have to be the same colour as other players in their team. 

  • Art. 36.3.3 and Art. 37.2.3 - A report is not required in the case where a player is ejected for game disqualification. 2 x player technical foul.

  • The attached ‘Scoresheet Related Changes’ document shows up to date procedures for the score when completing a scoresheet including time stamp at the end of a game.

  • Protest Procedures – After the scoresheet has been time stamped, a team captain ftom the team wishing to protest the game should immediate informs the crew chief after the final buzzer of their intention to do so. The team then has 15 minutes in which to make a final decision as to whether they will follow through with the protest or not. If this does not happen then the officials can sign the book to formally end the game.

We now have additional material to assist officials understanding of the new rules

  • The summary document is available by clicking HERE.

  • Basketball England new rules presentation HERE

  • Unsportsmanlike foul video presentation HERE

  • Travelling rule video presentation HERE

  • Basketball England, Travelling Video Examples HERE

  • Revised Scoresheet Manual and Mechanics Manual for Table Officials HERE

Licence Cards Online Platform

The Game Day platform will be used once again to view team license cards as well as your own.

  • Clubs should be ready on game day to present the license cards to the officials on a smart devise or mobile phone so that licenses can be validated.

  • The licence cards page (when viewed via the Game Day service) can be printed out and taken to a game; this must be printed in full colour.

  • Once you are logged into your membership account, click on the below link to view your card. This guide takes you through the process step by step.


Regulations Pertinent to Officials

We would like all officials to pay special attention of the following regulations, which are pertinent to your role as an official on game day.

Player Eligibility when checking license cards

In the NBL (senior leagues only) there is a limit on the amount of Non-EEA players that are allowed to compete and be placed on a score sheet before a game begins. Teams can only have 1 Non-EEA player on the score sheet (except NBL division one who can have 2 Non-EEA players). Please check above the licence card's photo to ensure all team have the legal number of Non-EEA players on the score sheet. 

In division one men, for any match in the league competition, national trophy and/or where two division one men’s teams play each other in a cup match, a club can register on the scoresheet a maximum of 2 Non-EEA Players. In addition, division one men’s teams are permitted to play two Non-EEA Players from the quarter final round of the national cup competition.

Junior National League Games

30.7 In the event of a coach being ejected from a game, where no suitable qualified and registered assistant coach is present, the game will be abandoned and referred to the National Basketball League Regulations (page 39). The case will be referred to the competitions review panel and/or disciplinary officer for consideration regarding the outcome of the game.
All age-group NBL teams are expected to travel with at least 2 appropriate adults in line with the Basketball England safeguarding policy in the event that:

A player(s) are disqualified from a game

A player is injured and has to be cared for accordingly

If an under 18 player is to be ejected from the game and the parents are not in attendance during the game it is down the player’s team themselves to supervise that player. This needs to be someone who is DBS checked and has relevant safeguarding training such as the assistant coach, team manager or team follower (whomever they see fit) and they will supervise the player until the parents/guardians arrive or say otherwise.
All officials should wear the Basketball England uniform for games with the current logo on referee shirts and table official’s polos.

Crew Chief Checks For All Games

  • Player license cards, no license no play.

  • Table official license cards, report any instances where the table official does not present a valid licence card.

  • Facility, equipment that maybe substandard or not according to BE Regulations should be reported to Basketball England.

A representative from each team should be present at the scorer’s table at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled tip time to conduct s pre-game meeting. If this is not the case please report this to Basketball England.

Assignr Information & Guidance is the online portal that Basketball England uses to assign officials to its senior national league games. HERE is the guide on how to use the system as well as some additional requirements about what is required once you receive an assignment. 
  • Assignr does not allow for specific availability requirements such as ‘only one game per weekend please’, please email Simon Unsworth if you have any requests similar to this for game nominations.
  • If you are available for games in a location other than where you live please advise and I will endeavour to get you a game.
  • If you do not confirm your game by 12pm Wednesday before that weekend's games I may remove you from the game and replace you with another official.
  • Fitness test requirements - If you have not completed the fitness test yet and wish to do so then please contact me with a date and time of when you plan on running so that we can organise an invigilator. All test should be record and sent to Simon Unsworth for validation
  • Rules test requirements – we have no plans to conduct a rules test for those who did not attend the National Officiating Conference. This may change in the future.
  • Please keep your personal availability calendar up to date to avoid unnecessary game declines.
  • You will be expected to travel the shortest route to each game you are assigned to and also together with your co-official if this options proves to be cheaper. If you do not have the address details for your partners please contact Simon Unsworth directly.
  • Please arrive to games in smart attire, shirt, tie, trousers and shoes as a minimum. 
  • If games tip shows as 12:12 on Assignr this means there has been no confirmation as to what the tip time is at that point.
  • If there is a discrepancy with the details on Assignr to the details on the Basketball England website, the BE website takes precedent over the details on Assignr. Please contact Simon Unsworth direct so that the correction can be made.

National League Handbook

The National League Handbook has now been completed. 

Please email Simon Unsworth for details.

Social Media Policy For All Officials

Online technology continues to advance and change the way people communicate and interact on a daily basis. Sports organisations, coaches, officials and others involved in providing activities for children and young people are increasingly using the internet and social media to promote sport and communicate with them. These forms of digital media and communication can provide great benefits. However, they can also pose potential safeguarding risks to children and young people. Here are some top tips on how to keep yourself safe online:

  1. Understand the safety aspects including what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour on social media

Become familiar with privacy policies before setting up your account on social media. This should give you an idea how to operate on social media, what information is used by the provider and how interacting with other accounts may affect your own account. 

  1. Privacy and safety settings

Set the appropriate privacy level. Consider each of the privacy and safety settings available across all aspects of the services and set the appropriate level of privacy. Failing to set appropriate privacy levels could result in messages which are defamatory, libellous or obscene appearing on your profile.

  1. Accept ‘friends’ setting and minimum user age

You may wish to check a user profile before accepting them. Do not accept friend request from children under the minimum age for the service. Basketball England suggests that no adult in a position of trust should ‘friend’ anyone under the age of 18.

  1. Content – ‘Think Before You Post’

Consider any messages, photos, videos or information – do they comply with existing policies within your organisation? (e.g. use of photographs of children). Is the content e.g. photographs and text appropriate to the audience? Always seek young person/parental permission to use the photos of those featured before adding to the sports webpage/ profile.

For more in-depth information on use of social media, please click HERE for Basketball England’s Social Media Policy. The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) also provide resources and more information on how to stay safe online, this can be found HERE on their website.