Nottingham Hoods v Thames Valley Cavaliers 

NBL Division Two Men Playoff Final - 11:00am - National Basketball Performance Centre


MVP - Cavaliers' guard Robert Banks Jr is announced as the NBL Division Two Men Playoff Final MVP; as he poured in 21 points, on 56% shooting from the floor!

FINAL - 77-80 - What a game of basketball! The Hoods' comeback made it a great contest down the stretch, but the Cavaliers held on to take home the Division Two Men Playoff title!

Q4 0.4 - 77-80 - Sylla comes up with loose ball and is fouled! Misses the first... misses the second... time expires!

Q4 0:02 - 77-80 - Luke Mitchell wraps up Robert Banks Jr who goes to the foul line... misses the first... misses the second!

Q4 0:05 - 77-80 - Hoods get a look for Tevis Robinson off the side-line play... but the ball ricochets off the rim onto the shot clock! Cavaliers call their final timeout.

Q4 0:09 - 77-80 - Hoods foul McLemore... he misses the first... makes the second! Final timeout taken by Hoods' Coach Westley.

Q4 0:20 - 77-79 - Back-to-back baskets for the Hoods brings them within two!

Q4 0:27 - 73-79 - Sylla gets the tip-in to fall, Hoods call timeout.

Q4 1:10 - 73-77 - Luke Mitchell splits two at the line, the Cavaliers' lead is down to three again!

Q4 1:44 - 72-76 - The Hoods are on a crazy run right now! A put-back dunk by Tevis Robinson is the exclamation point on the comeback!

Q4 2:55 - 68-74 - David Watts goes back-to-back with two pull-up triples!

Q4 3:35 - 62-74 - Mitchell with back-to-back buckets at the rim; momentum is with the Hoods! Timeout called by Thames Valley.

Q4 6:01 - 54-70 - Mestre called for the foul on Banks' step-back; the Hoods fans don't like the call! The Cavaliers' guard splits the pair at the line.

Q4 7:10 - 53-67 - Timeout Cavaliers as Coach Banks feels the momentum beginning to swing the Hoods' way.

Q4 7:36 - 53-67 - Tom Ballentine cleans up the broken play around the rim as the Hoods continue to battle.

Q4 10:00 - 47-63 - The Cavaliers get us going in the final frame of the Division Two Men Playoff Final.

End of Q3 - 47-63 - Cavaliers continue the hold the lead as we head into the final quarter break.

Q3 0:40 - 47-61 - McLemore gets the two to fall over the double team in the post; leads all scorers with 25 points!

Q3 2:33 - 43-59 - Baptiste heads to the foul line and goes two-from-two.

Q3 3:53 - 39-57 - Banks Jr wasn't rattled by the call, as he goes down the other end and gets the triple to go! Timeout called by Hoods' Coach Ryan Westley.

Q3 4:22 - 39-54 - Things get a little feisty, as Banks Jr picks up a technical; Watts converts at the foul line.

Q3 4:34 - 38-54 - Robert Banks Jr joins the party, as he also hits from downtown!

Q3 5:24 - 36-51 - McLemore again from three in transition! The pace of the game is picking up!

Q3 9:40 - 28-38 - Delaney Powell opens up the scoring in the second half with a triple!

Half-Time - 25-38 - Mitchell's lay-up attempt at the buzzer doesn't fall, and the Cavaliers head into the half with a double-digit lead! McLemore leads all scorers with 16 points; the Hoods are paced by seven points from David Watts.

Q2 0:54 - 25-38 - Robinson again, this time pinning McLemore's lay-up against the backboard! Defence is king in this second quarter!

Q2 2:35 - 25-35 - Tevis Robinson joins the block party as he stuffs Teejay Amu at the rim!

Q2 3:10 - 25-35 - Banks gets into the lane again in transition... but gets his shot pinned to the glass by Powell!

Q2 4:20 - 25-33 - Banks Jr splits two defenders with the euro-step and gets the lay-up to go!

Q2 5:22 - 23-31 - Momentum is with the Hoods as the crowd get into it! Timeout Cavaliers as Coach Banks huddles up his squad.

Q2 5:57 - 21-31 - Luke Mitchell gets into the lane and gets the floater to drop for two.

Q2 7:48 - 16-29 - McLemore with another triple! Three-from-three from deep and pacing his team with 13 points! Hoods call timeout to talk it over.

Q2 8:56 - 16-26 - Robert Banks gets the lay-up to fall in transition to open the scoring in the second frame.

End of Q1 - 16-24 - Delaney Powell can't quite get the buzzer-beating three to fall, Hoods head into the first break with a small deficit.

Q1 0:20 - 16-24 - Watts gets the defence in the air and gets the bank shot to fall off the nice step-through.

Q1 1:18 - 12-21 - McLemore from deep again, gets the three to fall as the Cavs build an early lead!

Q1 2:27 - 12-18 - Teejay Amu picks up the Andre Baptiste miss on the boards, gets to the foul line and makes both.

Q1 5:31 - 5-12 - Martelle McLemore pulls up from behind the arc in transition, gets the triple to fall!

Q1 6:30 - 5-8 - David Watts gets the fadeaway to fall for the Hoods.

Q1 8:56 - 0-2 - Abdoulaye Sylla gets us started off the nice dime from Teejay Amu.

Q1 10:00 - 0-0 - For Nottingham: Mitchell, Slavik, Powell, Robinson & Watts.

Q1 10:00 - 0-0 - For Thames Valley: McLemore, Larty, Banks Jr, Amu & Sylla.

Q1 10:00 - 0-0 - Starters are on the floor and we're ready to go!