Myerscough College v East London All Stars  

NBL Division Three Men Playoff Final - 4:30pm - National Basketball Performance Centre


MVP - Rayon Brown announced as Division Three Men Playoff Final MVP with a double-double performance of 19 points and 11 rebounds, while adding two assists and one steal.

FINAL - 71-57 - Myerscough College are your Division Three Men Playoff champions! Congratulations to Coach Neal Hopkins and the team, who add the playoff title to their Division Three North league and Men's National Shield successes.

Q4 0:16 - 69-57 - Arif Sempala gets out on the break and slams another one home, but it's a consolation as Myerscough will take the title here.

Q4 2:06 - 68-49 - Some nice ball movement from Myerscough gets the ball inside to Mate Okros who heads to the foul line; splits the pair. 

Q4 4:30 - 64-45 - Daniel Delgado gets the DEEP triple to fall, but it's looking like Myerscough will maintain control in this one.

Q4 6:41 - 64-42 - The onslaught from Myerscough continues, as Rayon Brown now gets to the basket for the hoop and harm. East London call timeout to stop the bleeding. 

Q4 7:00 - 61-42 - Myerscough find Landry Mayinga on the roll to the rim as he converts the and-one!

Q4 8:50 - 56-40 - Arif Sempala hangs and hits from the mid-range as East London look to mount their comeback!

End of Q3 - 56-37 - Myerscough have taken control in this one! They open up the biggest lead of the game for the Division Three North champions heading into the final period! 

Q3 1:32 - 54-37 - Myerscough showing what fast break basketball is all about! Great ball movement on the break finds Okros for the lay-in!

Q3 3:10 - 50-35 - Mike Bernard with the chase-down block from behind on Daniel Delgado's shot! Myerscough come the other way and Rayon Brown gets the layup to fall! Timeout taken by East London.

Q3 6:33 - 44-33 - Rayon Brown for two in transition as Myerscough go on a little run to regain control.

Q3 8:40 - 37-33 - Hemmings finds Bashua-Olaofe alone at the rim again, so he bangs it home!

Q3 9:50 - 37-31 - East London get us underway with a Stephen Hemmings triple as we get going in the second half of the NBL Division Three Men Playoff Final.

Half-Time - 37-28 - Good run to end the half for Myerscough as they get three scores back-to-back in the final minute while East London come up empty. Rayon Brown and David Walsh lead all scorers with 10 points apiece for Myerscough. 

Q2 0:40 - 33-28 - And-one for Mate Okros who converts at the line as Myerscough maintain their narrow lead.

Q2 2:18 - 30-24 - Myerscough continue their good run behind a David Walsh triple from DEEP! Timeout called by Coach Tackie as East London regroup.

Q2 2:41 - 27-24 - Mate Okros hangs in the air and hits the transition lay-up through contact, then next play down shows off a baby-hook in the post!

Q2 4:00 - 23-22 - East London hustle on the floor for the loose ball, but Daniel Delgado can't quite keep the ball in play.

Q2 4:51 - 23-20 - Tigan Mohammed gets the and-one to fall off the All Stars' end line play; converts at the line to cut the Myerscough lead.

Q2 6:58 - 23-15 - It's a high flying quarter as Arif Sempala joins in the party above the rim with a dunk of his own on the break! Myerscough Coach Neal Hopkins calls timeout.

Q2 8:55 - 19-10 - It's back-to-back slams as Loving Olanrewaj bangs one on the break for East London!

Q2 9:40 - 19-8 - The big man Mike Bernard slams it home for Myerscough to open up the scoring in the second quarter!

End of Q1 - 17-8 - Myerscough end the quarter with a couple of scores to solidify their lead. A cagey start so far!

Q1 1:54 - 12-6 - Bashua-Olaofe is the only scorer so far for the All Stars as the big man works the offensive glass.

Q1 2:26 - 12-4 - Kantorski gets the basket for the lay-in as Myerscough extend their early lead.

Q1 5:14 - 10-2 - Konrad Kantorski finds Mate Okros on the break for Myerscough, as they go on a 8-0 run. Coach Tackie calls timeout for East London.

Q1 6:52 - 2-2 - Junior Natty finds Seun Bashua-Olaofe on the inside for East London as baskets are hard to come by so far!

Q1 8:29 - 2-0 - Rayon Brown opens the scoring with a tip-in off the Myerscough miss.

Q1 10:00 - 0-0 - Landry Mayinga wins the tip for Myerscough and we are underway in the Division Three Men's Playoff Final!