BC Medelynas London v Team Derby 

NBL Division Four Men Playoff Final - 12:00pm - National Basketball Performance Centre


MVP - Will Portlock is announced as the Division Four Men Playoff Final MVP for Team Derby, posting a stat-line of 28 points, six rebounds, three assists and three steals! 

FINAL - 70-90 - Team Derby are your NBL Division Four Men Playoff Champions! Congratulations to Coach Mark Woodhouse and the team!

Q4 0:12 - 70-90 - Lukasz Siczek gets the line on Team Derby's final play, adds two more to his take his tally to 28!

Q4 0:48 - 69-86 - Simas Raupys gets the lay-up to fall for Medelynas, but Team Derby have stayed in control here down the stretch.

Q4 2:05 - 63-82 - Great ball movement from Team Derby finds Calvey on the inside, gets the bucket to fall but can't contact the and-one.

Q4 3:15 - 61-80 - Portlock draws contact from Raszumovas on the break, as he fouls out of the contest. Portlock goes to the line and gets both to fall, to bring his tally to 26 points! Medelynas take their final timeout of the game, but there's not long left for a miracle comeback!

Q4 4:12 - 61-76 - Nice spin move in the post from Siczek draws the contact, he heads to line and splits the pair.

Q4 5:31 - 59-74 - A second unsportsmanlike foul of the game is called on Aurimas Karbauskas who leaves the building. Dan Watts goes to the line and splits a pair of free throws. 

Q4 5:56 - 59-73 - Siczek gets the three to drop from deep to put a stop to a spurt by Medelynas.

Q4 7:12 - 57-70 - Pavelas Raszumovas picks up his fourth foul for Medelynas and heads to the bench. Timeout taken by Team Derby to rally the troops.

Q4 8:33 - 55-70 - Andrej Golovin converts the and-one at the line off a tough finish!

Q4 9:36 - 49-67 - Lukasz Siczek dances his way into the paint for the first score of the fourth quarter as Team Derby extend their lead again!

End of Q3 - 49-65 - Emilis Jankauska gets the three to fall for Medelynas, but the London squad have a bit of a deficit on their hands here!

Q3 1:04 - 43-63 - Carson goes back-to-back from behind the three-point line! Derby extend their lead to 20, forces another timeout from Medelynas!

Q3 1:45 - 43-58 - Niall Carson gets his first basket of the game, a big triple from the corner for Team Derby!

Q3 2:22 - 41-54 - Algirdas Jaras doing all he can to keep Medelynas in this one, gets another three to fall and has 16 points to pace his side.

Q3 4:16 - 38-52 - Golovin finds Jaras on the nice drop-off pass for the lay-in.

Q3 4:58 - 36-52 - Watts pulls up behind the screen and gets his shot to drop from deep, forces a timeout by Medelynas.

Q3 6:32 - 36-47 - Calvey shrugs off two defenders on the boards to get the put-back to drop.

Q3 7:15 - 34-45 - Defence draped all over Siczek who gets the bucket to drop, but can't convert the and-one at the line.

Q3 10:00 - 34-41 - Team Derby get us underway for the second half of the Division Four Men Playoff Final.

Half-Time - 34-41 - Portlock narrowly misses the fadeaway for Derby on the buzzer, but they head into the break on top in this one. Portlock has 16 points to lead Team Derby, while Algirdas Jaras paces BC Medelynas with nine points.

Q2 1:07 - 32-40 - Portlock staying in attack-mode here, gets another lay-in at the rim to go for Derby!

Q2 1:45 - 32-38 - Timeout called by Team Derby as we head into the latter stages of the first half.

Q2 3:19 - 30-36 - Watts picks up his third foul of the contest and has to head to the bench.

Q2 4:20 - 30-36 - Pace of the game is picking up, end-to-end action as Jaras gets the lay-up to go!

Q2 7:02 - 21-32 - Calvey inside for two extends the Derby lead back to double-digits.

Q2 8:48 - 19-28 - Watts flies in for the dunk on the break for Team Derby!

End of Q1 - 15-24 - Modestas Palauskas gets the put-back to go, but Medelynas trail Team Derby at the break. Derby's Will Portlock has been the star so far, setting the pace with 12 points.

Q1 1:42 - 10-22 - Full court assist by Team Derby to Portlock for the lay-in, Medelynas call timeout.

Q1 3:00 - 10-16 - Andrej Golovin gets his first basket of the game from deep for Medelynas, cuts the deficit to six. 

Q1 4:17 - 7-14 - Portlock goes back-door for the lay-in off the assist from Dan Watts, Portlock has eight points so far.

Q1 5:25 - 4-10 - Algirdas Jaras with the and-one put-back for Medelynas! 

Q1 7:17 - 2-6 - Will Portlock goes coast-to-coast with the lay-in to extend Derby's early lead.

Q1 9:40 - 0-2 - Team Derby get us underway with the first score of our Senior Playoff Finals weekend with the lay-up from big man. George Calvey