London and South East Regions top their Pools After Day 1 of the U13 Girls Regional Development Tournament

The first day of the Girls U13 Regional Development Tournament was underway today at the National Performance Centre.

Teams from 9 regions from around England all travelled to Manchester to compete in the annual event. This year’s tournament again included a skills challenge before each game, giving the players the opportunity to showcase their skills. Also continued from the previous year, no scores are shown and points are given for winning quarters (3 for win, 1 for loss) to encourage players to perform to their best.

In pool A, South East topped the group, followed by North West, with the South, South West and East Midlands in a 3-way tie all with 6 points. Following further calculations from the skills challenge times, the quickest team was South and they took the 3rd place with South West in 4th and East Midlands 5th.  

All teams showed that there are promising players across the country and their records were by no means reflective of the talent at their disposal. 

Kristen Amey Head Coach of the South East Region said “It has been a really nice atmosphere this year, this is the best that I have seen my team play so far this year and they’ve not had that long together but everything has come together really well. Having won the pool we are really excited going into tomorrow.”

Pool B was a straight 1,2,3,4 with London finishing in the top spot with 3 wins and the maximum 9pts, followed by Yorkshire (7pts, 2 wins), East region (5 pts, 1 win) and then the North East (3pts) region.

Speaking after London’s 3-0 day 1, Team Manager Patricia Fairclough said “It’s great to see the standard stepping up for girls’ basketball in all the regions. We’re happy with the wins today but tomorrow is another day and we have to keep doing well.”

Integrated within the tournament are regular assessments of coaches & officials to also enhance their development.

U15 Girls England National Development Programme Head Coach Cristina Stanciuca said “it’s been a great day here in Manchester. All the regions have done themselves proud. They have competed and showed great team effort, I hope this continues tomorrow and we have a great Finals, definitely basketball for girls is on the right track.

The final placings after Saturday were as follows:

Final Pool Standings

Pool A

1 South East

2 North West

3 South

4 South West

5 East Midlands

Pool B

1 London

2 Yorkshire

3 East

4 North East

With placings finalised, that means the following schedule for Sunday:


Court 2 – East Midlands v East

Court 3 - South West v North East


Court 1 – Semi Final – South East v Yorkshire

Court 3 – Semi Final – North West v London


Court 1 – South West v East

Court 2 – South v North East


British Shooting Test


Court 1 – South v East

Court 2 -

Court 3 – East Midlands v North East


Court 2 – Final 
Court 3 – 3rd/4th place Playoff


Throughout Saturday, all players in attendance took part in the British Shooting Test, a timed drill where consecutive shots are taken from each elbow the key. The top scoring player from each region has been selected to participate in Sunday’s final at 12:55pm. These participants are as follows:

Pool A

South East – Eva Da Silva

North West – Josephine Vourliotis

South West – Natalie Charity

East Midlands – Chloe Stevens

South – Roksana Mathea

Pool B

Yorkshire – Jasmine Graham

East – Grace Spooner

North East – Lucy Melrose

London – Nicholle Laviner

We look forward to seeing all players, parents and teams tomorrow at the National Basketball Performance Centre in Manchester for what is sure to be another impressive day of basketball.