Mental Health Awareness Week - Monday

Today is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. Our mental health can have a significant impact on our daily lives and is often overlooked when we talk about how we are feeling. Throughout this week we’ll be posting daily information on how our clubs and members can talk about and improve mental health, and why it is so important.

Basketball England is proud to be a member of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation. The charter launched in March 2015 and came from a shared desire across sport and recreation to do more around mental health. We are one of over 300 signatories across the nation that recognise the key role that sport can play in mental health, wellbeing and physical activity.

The charter aims to create a welcoming, inclusive and positive environment for everyone to participate in sport and recreation and we aim to pass this on to all our clubs and members. It also encourages people to talk about mental health and support people to seek help and support when they need it. We are committed to those core principles we encourage all our clubs to do the same.

Basketball can be an incredible force for providing purpose, positivity and enjoyment in people’s lives. If you want to promote positive mental health at your club, it can be done in a number of ways.

  • You can learn more about the Mental Health Charter and why it is important by clicking here!

  • Imagery can be powerful and create a lasting effect to those that see it. The Mental Health Foundation have created a number of free posters that you can download and display at your club to encourage positive mental health and provide signposting for those that want to find out more. Click here to access them!

  • If someone within your club wants to talk about mental health, it’s important that you can relate to them and use that conversation in a positive way. Click here for a number of useful tips on terminology and language that you can use when talking about mental health.

  • Coaches play an integral role in the lives of the people they come into contact with, for both junior and senior players. Here is a an excellent five-minute clip from UK Coaching on how coaches and activity providers can promote good mental health in sessions and practices:


  • You and your club can create an action plan to help you get started when embedding mental health provisions into the work that you do. For more information and example plans, click here!

If you would like to speak to someone at Basketball England about the Mental Health Charter, how your club can promote mental health or anything else related to this area, please use the button below.